Why You Should Add a Winch to Your Goose Neck Trailer

Having a gooseneck trailer is very handy. It has capability of doing a lot of jobs. However, you will have to do one thing for it to be able to do its job and that is for you to be able to place stuff in. Example, if a car breaks down, you will have to load the car onto it. The question is how will you be able to do this? One method is you could push the car but, we all know how heavy a car could be. Do not worry as there are tools that you could use for you to be able to load the broken car without any difficulties. One useful tool you could use is a winch.

A winch is a tool that is capable of pulling and lifting heavy things and having a winch on your gooseneck trailer is very convenient. It could easily help you tow a vehicle without any difficulties. Through the use of a winch, you will no longer have to do any manual labor.

One thing that could stop you from purchasing a winch is its price and probably difficulty in installing it. However, if you find one that is just right for you, this will no longer be a problem. One winch brand that we highly recommend is WARN winches. They are durable and capable. In fact, numerous customers have nothing but praises on WARN winches. Though they are a bit on the expensive side but we could assure you it is a great investment. However, if budget is really a concern, then you might have to consider other options.

Where Should You Put Your Winch?

Now that you are convince to get a winch for your trailer, the next question would be, where should you put it? There are three possible places or areas where you could put your winch and they are:

  • At the top of the Gooseneck trailer- A gooseneck trailer has two ends that connect to the vehicle. On the triangle shape part or spot is a recommended place where you could put your winch.
  • Middle beam – there are two beams that are connected to the trailer. Another beam could be seen. That beam that connects the two beams is another recommended place where you could place your winch.
  • At the bottom – You could also place your winch at the flatbed level of your trailer. 

Ideas about Winches

  • Making your mounting winch portable. Winches are a bit expensive and many are not able to afford purchasing multiple winches for different vehicles. Hence, what most would do is they would make their winch into a mounting portable one. However, this could be different from one vehicle to another. Thus, you will have to experiment and see what will work for you,
  • Use Pulley Block. Aside from installing the winch at the back of your trailer, you could install it at the back of the vehicle. This way, you could use it for other purposes. You could also use a pulley block which could redirect the flow of the winch line.

How to Install a Winch?

  • Mark the center of the trailer.
  • Determine the size of your winch
  • Check if it has an area where your winch could fit in
  • Mark the placements where you will put your winch
  • Mark the mounting plate
  • Drill the hole markings
  • Bolt the winch mount.
  • Secure it tightly
  • Secure the winch on the winch mount
  • Refer to the manual for further instructions

Different Mounting Configurations

  • Foot down – winch’s four mounting holes are at the bottom
  • Foot forward – winch’s four mounting holes are facing forward
  • Foot down or foot forward – the winch is mounted either food down position or foot forward position
  • Foot forward and foot down – the winch has four bolts used for foot forward mounting position. Two are used in the foot down position.

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