What Size Winch for Car Trailer

Having a trailer winch is very important and very convenient to have especially whenever you are in difficult situations such as having to pull a tractor out of mud or even helping out a friend from being stuck in steep rocks during trekking. Aside from pulling and getting something or someone out from being stuck, winch trailer could also be used recreationally and as utility as well. By installing a winch on your trailer, for sure, you will be able to access them more for utility purposes.

If you plan to get yourself a trailer winch, before you do, we recommend for you to identify which winch size you would need. With so many winches in the market right now it is difficult to choose one that would best suit you as there are winches that come with different purposes and different sizes.

Choosing the Right Winch

When you are choosing for the size of your trailer winch, you will have to consider a lot of factors as not all winches could be attached to your trailer. Some are too big or too heavy for your trailer. You will also have to consider the weight capacity. Ensure that it is sufficient for your utility and recreational needs. Below is our guide and the factors you would need to consider when choosing a trailer winch.


This is one of the most important factors that you would need to consider. Are you willing to invest or are you on a tight budget. Ensure that you could get your money’s worth when choosing your winch.

Weight Capacity

Winches come in different rated weight capacities. Determine the reason why you would be needing a winch. Is it for self-recovery? or is it for loading a boat into your trailer? Would you need it to do some utility work? Hence, you must determine the weight of which you would need to use your winch on.


Installation could be easy or it could also get complicated wherein you would even need to hire someone to install your winch. Ensure that you get one that you could install yourself or if you are willing additional cost, then it would be fine to get one that is a little bit complicated to install.

Know the Brand

Another thing that you would need to do is to research about the brands and which ones have the highest ratings. Examine which ones have the highest reviews and if their customers are satisfied with their products.

Size and Weight

You will have to measure your trailer especially its width and know how much weight it could support. Ensure that the one you are purchasing could fit your trailer and that it could also handle the weight of your winch. Remember there are winches which weighs really heavy.


We hope that through this article, you were able to learn and get information about what to consider when purchasing a trailer winch.

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