What Size Synthetic Winch Rope for My Winch?

Winch is a tool that could be used often on heavy duty work projects and if you are using your winch frequently, just like with other tools, at some point, your winch could get worn out. Out of all the different parts of your winch, the most susceptible of getting worn out first is the winch rope which means, eventually, you will have to replace your winch rope. Hence, it is recommended for you to have a spare winch rope. This way you are ready and prepared in any case of unforeseeable snapping of your winch rope.

The winch rope is one of winch’s parts that is easily degraded as it often gets exposed to harmful elements like heat. It also experiences a lot of tension which could eventually lead to abrasions. When this happens, it would be inevitable not to replace your rope. If you are in this situation and do not know what type of rope to choose in terms of the correct winch rope size, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall discuss this and provide you useful information.

When choosing the right rope for your winch, you will have to consider the following questions:

  • Which rope size you will choose
  • What is the correct diameter
  • What is the right length that would be suitable for your winch

When choosing rope for your winch, you would also have to consider if you would like to get a synthetic winch rope or steel wire cable?

Synthetic Rope vs Steel Wire Cables

There are two types of winch ropes that winches use. Its either winch steel wire cable or synthetic rope.

Steel wire cable has been used on winches for a very long time. It is very sturdy and solid. It could be used for a very long time. Moreover, it could withstand heat as well. There are quite a number of advantages and benefits in using steel cable. However, there are also some disadvantages such as it is prone to rusting especially when it is exposed to moisture. It is also prone to burrs due to abrasion. When held without any protective gloves, it could lead to injury. Moreover, if the cable snaps, there is a huge risk of serious injury. In fact, it could slice through your flesh and if your cable is thin, it could even slice through your bones.

Synthetic rope on the other hand are more in demand these days. It comes with numerous and various advantages. They are more durable compared to steel cables. They are lighter and safer to use. In fact, it does not hold too much tension which means, you will not have to worry in case it snaps or breaks. Though there are a lot of benefits in using synthetic ropes, just like steel cables, there are also downsides. Synthetic ropes could be a bit more expensive. They are prone to damage due to the heat that comes from your winch. Though this is the case, there are a lot of reasons as to why we recommend this type of rope for your winch.

What Size Synthetic Winch Rope?

When getting a winch rope, most users would often get the largest and the longest rope. Unfortunately, this is actually a hazardous misconception as the best way to choose your rope is by exploring and considering vital factors. For one, largest and longest rope could decrease functionality and it could be more difficult to operate your winch. It could also damage your winch especially when you overextend your winch rope line. It could get all bunched up which could make your rope come in contact with your spreader bars. Hence, the longer your winch rope line is the more your winch could get entangled. With that all said, getting shorter rope is better and more practical.

For winch rope line weight capacity, we suggest that you get twice your winch’s pulling capacity. This is for safety reasons. For example, if you have a 5000 lbs winch capacity, we suggest that you get winch rope line with 10,000 lbs weight capacity.


We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information on how to choose your rope for your winch. Let us know what you think and do not forget to comment.

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