What is Winch and Types of Winch

Winch is a type of tool that could get your vehicle out from getting stuck on mud, sand or even water. It helps in projects that would need heavy lifting, pulling and even suspending heavy things.

Winches have been used by many for a very long time. In fact, there have been historical records that show that way back in the 480 BC, wooden winches were used.

In this age, winches have been through a lot of development and transformation into tough, versatile and powerful.

What is a Winch?

A winch is a mechanical device which allows you to be able to lift heavy objects. They could recover vehicles, lift elevators, raise sails and the like which is why most off-roaders carry either an electric or hydraulic winch. This is a very wise idea as if ever your vehicle loses traction and gets stuck, having a winch would be able to get your vehicle unstuck.

A winch has the ability to pull an item stronger and tougher. In other words, they are machines that come with massive pulling power. Just like other products, there are different types of winches and in this article, we shall provide you a list of the different types of winches. This way you will be able to learn which one would suit you the best.

Types of Winches

Here are the different types of winches and they are the following:

Electrical Winch

This type of winch is ran by the battery of your vehicle or for some versions – independent batteries. They come with electric motor which needs a power supply to be able to work. Often times, this type of winch is used by individuals who do not work with heavy items and for anything that needs to be used for a longer period of time. The reason behind this is because electrical winches use a lot of energy.

An electric winch is easy to install. In fact, you would not have to be skilled car owner for you to be able to install them.

Some of the top electrical manufacturers are the following:

  • Smittybilt
  • X-bull
  • Warn vs evo winch
  • Mile Maker
  • Badland
  • Champion
  • Superwinch
  • Engo
  • Bravex
  • Offroadboar
  • KFI
  • Ironton
  • Superatv
  • Rugcel
  • Rough country
  • Runva
  • Tuff stuff
  • Speedmaster
  • Orchish
  • Zesuper
  • Viper
  • Zeak
  • Westin

Hydraulic winch

This type of winch is powered by vehicle’s power steering pump. In other words, it is powered by hydraulic pressure. It uses fluid power to operate. This means it uses hydraulic systems and the motor pumps of your generator set. In other words, you would not need a powerful battery for it to be able to work. Moreover, it does not overheat easily and it has longer lifespan. It is heavy duty and is considered as more reliable and powerful compared to electrical winches.

Hand Winch

This winch comes with either strap or cable. Keep in mind that this type of winch is not for hoisting, lifting, transporting or supporting people. This means it is a light duty type of winch. Hand winches could be used in remote locations where there are no power outlets. The only downside of this winch is that they would need physical exertion from you for it to be able to work.

Car Winch

This type of winch is for smaller items that could be dragged by your car. It could operate through the help of the motor or power supply of your car.

Mechanical Capstan Winch

This type of winch gets its power from the engine through the crankshaft. This means it could only work when the engine is running. They come with vertical winch drum which could pull horizontally.

Mechanical Drum Winch

This winch receives its power from running the engine. It is considered as more powerful winch than electrical type. They are able to work whenever the engine is running. The drum is good for anchoring. They could provide fast drop and a quick retrieval of the load.

Mechanical Portable Winch

This type of winch is a hand-made winch. It could run independently from the vehicle that they are attached to. They could be used anywhere.

Air Winch

This winch is an air tugger. It is powered by air. It could be used for lifting materials. In fact, they could be used in gas oil and construction industries. This type of winch is very popular due to versatility, durability and safety.

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