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What Is A Worm Gear Winch And How Does It Work?

A winch is a necessary tool which could help you with projects that involve lifting, suspending and pulling items. It could also be very convenient especially when you get stuck in a difficult terrain. Having a winch could make your work easier and more efficient as well.

As well all know, there are different types of winches – electrical, hybrid, portable, mechanical drum style, mechanical hand operated and many more. Every type of winch functions differently but are similar in terms of how they work. In fact, some of their uses overlap from each other. For example, if you need a winch that could hoist and haul heavy equipment, then, you will be able to use either hand-operated winch or electrical winch. However, if you wish for faster or easier operation, then it is recommended that you go for an electric winch. If you wish for cheaper and lesser maintenance, then go for a hand operated winch instead.

Winches are easy to operate and use. It is actually only a cable or rope which is wrapped around a drum and is operated by a crank. It is a simple process which involves modern appearance.

Winches could be expensive, but, if you are on a tight budget, then we suggest that you get a winch that has low maintenance and affordable type of winch which is a hand-crank winch. This type of winch could do the same job that other type of winches could do. The only difference is that it comes with limited loading capacity and works at a slower pace. Hand-crank winches are light, durable, versatile and does not need much maintenance.

Though we recommend a hand-crank winch, we highly suggest you go for a worm gear winch.

Worm Gear

Worm Gear involves a spiral thread that meshes with a toothed wheel. This spiral thread is what is called a worm. The toothed wheel on the other hand is known as a worm gear. Though the terms may seem similar and it is not difficult to mix the two from each other, we shall make it simpler by referring the entire gear unit as a worm gear.

A worm looks like a gear that looks like a screw which meshes with a worm gear wheel is similar to a spur gear. It comes with other gear arrangements such as worm gear which reduces rotational speed or would transmit higher torque. This gear comes with the ability to transfer rotational movement by 90 degrees.

This gear is highly recommended over other gears as it has the ability to reduce ratio. It could adjust – increase or decrease the torque. Though other gears could also do this, the worm gear comes with lesser parts which make it more efficient and more durable. Also, it could not change the course of power wherein other gears could which could lead to increase in friction between worm and wheel. The only thing that you will have to keep in mind when using this type of gear is that you will have to ensure that you provide it with constant lubrication. This way its movement and operation would always be smooth.

What Is A Worm Gear Winch?

Worm gear winches are winches that operate with the use of few moving parts. It is considered as very reliable and it lasts longer compared to other types of winches. It is also less complicated compared to others. It works on a braking system which is considered as one of the best. It comes with a self-braking mechanism which means that once you stop turning the crank your winch stops as well.


We hope that through this article, you were able to get useful information which has allowed you to learn more about Worm Gear Winches and how they work.

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