WARN Winch Solenoid Just Clicks –what does it mean?

A winch has several different electrical components and parts. Each component or part has its own important role that contribute to the operation of a winch. Though that is the case, there are other parts that are more vital and more important that contributes to the efficiency of how winches work. Some of which are the motor, drum and solenoids. Without these parts, a winch will not be able to work properly.

Example, without a motor, you will not be able to turn on the winch. Without the drum on the other hand, the motor will not be able to pull without damaging it. But, what about solenoids?

What are Warn Winch Solenoids?

Electromagnetic switches are known as solenoids. They are different from a winch switch as solenoids could be used to activate the winch motor. It provides exact amount of current for it to work and at the same time to ensure that your motor will not get damaged. Winch switches on the other hand gets current from the battery and moves it to the solenoid which in return redirects it to the motor. Then the motor will turn the winch drum. Two solenoids are used for reverse and another pair is used to forward.

To know if your solenoids are working, you will hear clicking sounds.

WARN winch solenoid just clicks

There are times when you hear your solenoid just clicking and yet your motor does not work. This means that the solenoid bumps into the little materials called contacts. However, though you could hear your solenoid working and yet it is not working properly, there are several reasons why this is happening and they could be the following:

  • They are dirty or pitted contacts
  • You have a bad connection between your solenoid and motor
  • You have a faulty wiring

Check your WARN winch solenoids

  • Check your connections between your solenoid and the motor.
  • Ensure to check for damages especially in the wiring and terminals
  • Replace the wiring in case of damages.
  • Disconnect the cables from your solenoid. You will be able to do this by unscrewing your solenoid cover.
  • Check each connect. Ensure that they are secured.
  • Switch your winch again
  • Check the volts with a voltmeter
  • The motor should have at least 12 volts
  • If you do not get any power, examine each connection
  • Re-check the motor and its terminals
  • If it still does not work, the motor could be broken.

Bypassing WARN Winch Solenoids

  • Change your winch’s mode into freespool mode
  • Disconnect the positive connection from the battery
  • Do not touch the ground connection
  • Disconnect three cables on the three posts on the motor
  • Label each cables
  • Label each post to A, F1 and F2. Connect A post to F1 post with the use of a small jumper wire.
  • Connect the battery to F1.

In order to be able to fix your winch, it is important that you know how to diagnose the problems that your winch could encounter. WARN is one of the most expensive brands and having it brought for a repair could cost you huge fees especially when the warranty does not cover the issue.

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