Warn Winch 8274 Solenoid Replacement

One of the most popular Warn Winch model is the Winch 8274. It was launched in 1974 and even after 47 years, it is still one of the most favorite winches of off-roaders. The reason why it is the most favorite winch is because it is very reliable, effective and powerful. Though that is the case, unfortunately, this winch is not immune to getting damaged over time. Yes, just like other winches, Winch 8274 could also be prone to wear and tear especially its solenoid.

Though this is the case, do not throw your winch as parts could be replaced especially solenoids. In fact, in this article, we shall provide you a list of replacements for solenoids.

Best Warn Winch 8274 Solenoid Replacement

GELUOXI Alright Equiv Heavy Duty Winch Solenoid 12V

This solenoid comes from a brand that is not well-known in the industry and though that is the case, this solenoid is one of the best that ensures the job gets done. It uses 12 volts and is compatible with 17,000 lb capacity winches including Warn 8274 model.

This solenoid is very heavy-duty and it is a little bit waterproof. It is electrical and it is easy to install. In fact, it comes with a straight-forward operation manual. This product has protective boots.


  • Value for your money
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to install


  • Installation manuals are a bit complicated for inexperienced winch users

ORCISH AY-1-AT12 12V 500A Winch Solenoid Replacement

This one is another great winch solenoid replacement option. It is very affordable and yet its quality is top-notch. It is a bit waterproof which means it could still work and operate in light rain. It is compatible with wireless remote winches which ranges from 8000 to 15000 lb. capacity winches. It is easy to install especially for experienced users. Installation manual is available in its package as well.


  • Very affordable
  • Sealed and corrosion resistance
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Inconsistent customer service

SINKOKING 5841740917 12V 500A Winch Solenoid Replacement

If you are looking for a durable type of winch solenoid, then this one is a perfect replacement option. It is IP67 waterproof rating which means it is water resistant. It is also corrosion resistant as well. As for its installation, this one comes with pre-cut mounting bracket which ensures easy installation. It does not have any wiring diagram included and though that is the case installation is still the same as other solenoid replacements. This winch solenoid replacement is compatible with winches that come with capacity ranging from 8000 lbs to 12lbs.


  • Waterproof
  • Heavy duty
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Does not have installation manual

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