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Choosing a good winch is not as easy at it seems. There are a lot of winches in the market and there are a lot of factors you will need to consider before purchasing one. We understand how confusing and overwhelming this task could be. Do not worry as through this article, we shall feature winches that are manufactured by the brand – Superwinch.

About the company – Superwinch

Superwinch is a company who is based in Tualatin, Oregon. They have been in the industry for quite a long time. In fact, they have been in the business for about 45 years now and counting. They are considered as one of the largest and trusted companies worldwide.

Superwinch does not only manufactures its products, they also design and market them all over the world.

They have released different winch series which could be used on different applications such as 4×4, utility, UTV/ATV and trailer towing. Additionally, they also create different winch parts and accessories as well.

Furthermore, what is amazing about this company is that they listen to their customers and know them a lot which is probably the reason as to why they are able to satisfy their customers. In fact, they ensure that they offer both synthetic rope version and steel cable version as well.

As for the prices of their products, we could say that they are well-competitive.

In choosing a winch, here are some of our tips:

  • Choose a winch which has at least 1.5 times more weight capacity than the gross weight of the object you would want to tow. Hence, to make it clearer, if your vehicle has a gross weight of 3000 lbs, we suggest you get 1.5 times 3000 lbs which is equal to 4500 lbs. In short, you will have to get a winch that has a weight capacity of 4500 lbs.
  • Choose which type of rope you would like to get. Would you like to get one with synthetic rope version or steel cable version? A steel cable is stronger and it does not require a lot of maintenance job. Keep in mind, however, that a steel cable could make your winch heavier and it could also cause severe injury in case it breaks under load and snaps back. Synthetic rope on the other hand is a bit more lighter and has the same performance of the steel cable. The good news about synthetic ropes are safer option. It is not dangerous in case it breaks under the load.

Best Superwinch Winches

Superwinch Terra Series Winch

The Terra series winches is a series that focuses on serving UTV/ATV users. They offer three different weight capacities and their price are relatively reasonable. The three models of their series offer both synthetic rope version and steel cable version.

  • Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 Winch (4500 lbs weight capacity)

This winch comes with a 4500 lbs weight capacity and it is best to be used on UTV/ATV vehicles which come with a maximum weight of 3000 lbs. This winch comes with 55′ steel cable which has heavy duty 4- way roller fairlead. Moreover, they have wider gear which is twice wider compared to other competitors. Its motor is very strong and has a good size as well. It has better copper windings and sealed bearing. This winch also allows you to clock the motor terminal as well.


The Terra 45 winch is a great option especially if you are recovering a UTA/ATV from being stuck in the mud. Its price is very competitive and they also offer synthetic rope version as well.

  • Superwinch 1145220 Terra 35 Winch – 3500 lbs weight capacity

The Superwinch 1145220 Terra 35 winch comes with the same advantages, features and even of those features that needed improvement. With all of these similarities, it is better to feature this winch with its differences from other winch models.

Terra 35 comes with a 3500 lbs capacity which means, you could use this one on a vehicle with a weight of 2333 lbs. It comes with 50′ steel cable and it is very durable. Terra 35 is more compact and lighter than Terra 45. Its gear ratio is 19:1:1 gear ratio and has a mounting bolt pattern of 3.0″ x 4.87″


As for its price, Terra 35 is considered as the best one compared to its other competitors of the same weight capacity. This one is perfect for UTV/ATV.

  • Superwinch 1145220 Terra 25 Winch 2500 lbs weight capacity

The Terra 25 has a 2500 lbs weight capacity which means you will be able to use this one on a vehicle that comes with a 1666 lbs. This winch will ensure that you get the upmost performance, durability and longevity of the winch. Moreover, you could be assured that you will be able to use this winch during hunting season. It is compact and it is lighter compared to Terra 35. Its rope length is 50′ and it comes with remote control, free spooling clutch, and its gear ratio is the same as Terra 35.

This winch is ran by a 1.3 motor.


This winch is perfect when it comes with price and value especially on its weight capacity of 2500 lbs.

Superwinch Tiger Shark Series

This series is perfect for the needs of trucks and jeeps. You will no longer have to pull out anything as these winches are perfect too with tractors, mowers, trees and bushes. This series comes with five models of different weight capacities.

Price wise, this series is okay but could be better.

  • Tiger Shark 15.5 Winch (15500 lbs weight capacity)

The tiger shark 15.5 winch has a weight capacity of 15500 lbs. This means you will be able to tow up a vehicle up to 10333 lbs to get the best performance. They come with 4-stage planetary gear and has automatic load-holding brake. It has a 92′ steel cable which goes through the stainless steel roller fairlead.

The downside of this model is that it does not have a ready-made synthetic rope version. This winch is highly reliable in pulling heavy vehicles.


This winch is a heavy-duty type of winch which is perfect for recovering heavy vehicles like trucks and jeeps. It comes with all the necessary features which you would need in a winch.

  • Tiger Shark 11.5 Winch (11500 lbs weight capacity)

This model has the capacity to recover trucks or jeeps with gross maximum weight of 7666 lbs. It comes with 84′ steel rope and they offer 3 stage planetary gear and 4 stage planetary gear system options. It comes with a gear ratio of 218:1. It has a synthetic rope version and it comes with drum brake.


This winch is priced decently. It comes with great quality as well.

  • Tiger Shark 9.5 SR Winch (9500 lbs weight capacity)

This model and version comes with synthetic rope and has a weight capacity of 9500 lbs. It is lighter and it has 80′ length of synthetic rope. Though you could also opt for the steel cable 95′ version model as well. Keep in mind that the steel cable would cost less compared to its synthetic rope version.


This winch is light, easy to use, quiet, easy to install and light.

Superwinch LP Series Winch

This series is perfect for 4×4, RV and similar vehicles. It comes with two models – the LP10000 and the LP8500.

  • Superwinch LP10000 Winch (10000 lbs Weight Capacity)

This winch is perfect for recovering items and vehicles that come with a maximum weight of 10,000. Of course, just as discussed previously, the maximum weight of your vehicle should be 1.5 x lesser. In this case, your vehicle should weigh a maximum weight of 6666 lbs.

This model does not come nor offer a synthetic rope version. However, its steel cable comes with a length of 85′. It is heavy duty and it is made of high quality materials.


This winch comes with useful and perfect features that you will need when you are recovering a vehicle.

  • Superwinch LP8500 Winch (8500 lbs weight capacity)

This model comes with similar features and similar benefits that LP10000 model has. However, the difference for one is its gross weight is 5666 lbs and it has a 15′ wired remote control. Its steel cable is 94′ long and it is very heavy duty. It also runs on a 4.5 HP motor and it has gear ratio of 235:1.


This one is a great winch option which comes with great features and functions. It is priced good as well.

Superwinch Talon Series Winch

This model is another perfect and amazing winch series. It comes with five different models such as Talon 9.5, Talon 12.5, Talon 14, Talon 18 and Talon Rock. In this article, we shall feature and look into three of these five models only and they are Talon 18, Talon 12.5 and Talon 9.5.

  • Superwinch Talon 18 Winch 18000 lbs weight capacity

This winch is considered as one of the best, heavy duty winches. It has the ability to pull trucks, jeeps and any vehicle that has weight lower or equal to 18000 lbs of weight. It is highly recommended to keep the gross weight up to 12000 lbs for you to be able to experience its best performance.

This winch comes with a remote control and it comes with solenoid which comes with vibration dampener mechanism. It also has a 2-stage planetary gear system. Its brake could be found outside which ensures it does not damage your rope.


This model is a great option. However, bare in mind that it is priced a bit more expensive compared to other models and series.

Superwinch Talon 12.5 SR Winch (Weight Capacity of 12500 lbs)

This model comes with a synthetic rope version. It has similar features and function with Talon 18.0 model. It has a weight capacity of 12500 lbs and has a gross weight of 8333 lbas. Its synthetic rope is abut 80′ long and it goes through a blue aluminum hawse fairlead. It has a gear ratio of 148:1.


This winch is perfect tool for recovering your truck or jeep. It is priced competitively as well.

  • Superwinch Talon 9.5 Winch (9500 lbs weight capacity)

This winch has the ability to get your vehicle unstuck. It is fast, including its winding and unwinding. It comes with 85′ heavy duty steel cable and it goes through a heavy duty stainless steel roller fairlead.


This one is a great option. It is considered as a beast winch which has the ability to load and unload cargo trailers.

Superwinch LT Series Winch

This winch series is known for its winches being super compact, light and quiet. Moreover, they are affordable and decently priced. This series has three models under it and they come in different weight capacities.

  • Superwinch LT4000 Winch (4000 lbs Weight Capacity)

This winch comes with a compact winch option for UTA/ATVs. It has the ability to pull vehicles or items that has a weight up to 4000 lbs and gross weight of 2666 lbs. It comes with solenoid which is unmounted and it offers synthetic rope version as well.


Its price is highly affordable and its performance and quality are very impressive as well.

  • Superwinch LT3000 Winch (3000 lbs Weight Capacity)

This winch is one of the best selling winch models. It comes with a weight capacity of 3000 lbs. It is light and is ran by 1.2 HP motor. It also comes with a gear ratio of 166:1.


This winch is a great winch option. It comes with a 3000 lbs capacity winch without having to spend too much.

  • Superwinch LT2000 Winch (2000 lbs weight capacity)

This one is considered as one of the tiniest. It comes with a weight capacity of 2000 lbs and a gross weight up to 1333 lbs. It is heavy duty and has 50′ steel cable and 1-stage planetary gear system. It also has a handlebar rocker switch which is not wired.


This winch is highly compact and it is perfect for using with a snowplow. Overall this winch is a perfect winch option.


We hope that through this article, you were able to gather useful information which could guide you in choosing the best winch which would suit you the best.

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