Smittybilt X20 Winch Cover: Does It Deliver?

For off-roaders, winches are great and essential tools. They are considered as an investment as it provides safety and protection which could get you out of difficult situations. Yes, winches are very convenient which ensures to protect you from being worried and from being frustrated during your off-roading adventures. They are very reliable and very trust-worthy. In fact, by having a trusted winch installed on your 4×4, you will not have to worry about braving through any wild terrain and for sure nothing would and could stop you.

Though we could rely a lot on winches, just like any other thing, they could only go through so much rough and hostile environments before they would show signs of damage and breakage. Yes, even the most durable winch in the industry is not exempted with this limitation. Just like everything in this world, winches also have their limits. Hence, in order to prevent and prolong the life of your winch, you will have to take care of it and regularly maintain it. Another thing that you could do is to protect your winch and one way to do this is by using a winch cover.

Benefit of Having a Winch Cover

Keep in mind that having a winch cover does not mean it exempts and even prevents your winch from reaching its limits. They would not be as tough as the toughest material on earth but rather, it would provide you an additional layer of protection for your winch and its accessories.

By having a winch cover you could protect your winch from the slow but surely destroyers such as dust which could affect any machinery. Hence, this is why it is very important for you to ensure that your winch is regularly maintained. Yes, this includes cleaning the insides of your winch as sand, dust and dirt could penetrate the armor of your winch.

Aside from that, there could also be a risk of external factors tearing your winch cable or rope slowly. In fact, if you are using a synthetic rope for you winch, then, you might want to have a winch cover as it could be necessary. The reason behind this is because small particles could break synthetic ropes faster compared to steel wire cables. Moreover, synthetic ropes also are prone to abrasion and through a winch cover, your rope/winch would be protected from UV rays.

Disadvantage of a Winch Cover

Though there are many advantages of having a winch cover, there are also some drawbacks. For example, though a winch cover could guard your winch from dust and sand, it would also prevent moisture from going out. Hence, if you are living in a humid place, you might have to think twice if you of getting a winch cover. If moisture gets trapped inside, it could harm your winch. It could corrode and rust your winch.

Smittlybilt X20 Winch Cover Model 97281-98

If you are looking for a winch brand that would give you your money’s worth, then, we highly recommend Smittybilt X20 and if you have decided to get one, you would definitely want to protect it with a winch cover such as Smittybilt 97281-98.

The Smittybilt 97281-98 could fit all Smittybilt winches. However, when it comes to Smittybilt X20 model you might have to work it a bit to make it fit. You might have to tug here and pull there.

The Smittybilt winch cover comes with strings with it which allows you to adjust the opening of the cover. Though there are no instructions on how to make the cover fit your winch, it is not difficult nor it is challenging to figure this out, however, when you consider the fairlead, then, this could become more challenging. You will have to uninstall the fairlead and try to make it fit.

Smittybilt X20 cover comes with measurement of 6 inches wide, 10 inches tall and 22 inches long. The material of the cover is thick and is made of vinyl which makes this cover very heavy duty. Though there are pros and cons about this cover, it is highly efficient especially in protecting your winch from UV rays.

If you are living in a humid climate, cover is not a good idea as it could trap moisture on your winch and could severely damage your winch but other than that, a winch cover would definitely help you protect your winch from sand, mud, dust and rain.


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Can fit most Smittybilt winches


  • Adjusting it would need a little bit more effort


We hope that through this article, you were able to learn about Smittybilt Winch Cover.

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