Smittybilt Winch Solenoid Replacements

Just like any other machinery, a winch is composed of different parts and comes with different types of accessories for it to be able to work properly. To sum it up, a winch has a motor, fairlead which is optional, winch line, mounting plate, remote control, hook, clutch, power source, etc. There are some of these parts and accessories could be replaced. For example, the hook, fairlead and winch line could be replaced so is its steel wire cable or synthetic rope. There are also some parts on the other hand that could not be replaced such as the motor and the solenoid

Solenoids are one of the most important parts of a winch. It is a very delicate electrical component of a winch and when replacing it, you would need to have a careful thought about it. The reason behind this is because if you replace the solenoid incorrectly, it could cost you more than it is necessary. It could also damage the other electrical and mechanical components of your winch.

What Does A Solenoid Do?

A solenoid’s main purpose is to regulate the amount of electric current that goes to your winch’s motor. It is needed to move your winch drum in one direction. There are some winches that comes with one solenoid to do this. However, for those winches that come with powerful motors such as the series wound motor, two solenoids are often used simultaneously to be able to move the winch drum in one direction. In total they would have four winch solenoid type of arrangement.

Solenoids are electromagnetic switches that have the ability to activate the winch motor. Hence, if your solenoid delivers the electric current in an incorrect amount, it could overload and severely damage your winch. This is why your solenoid should deliver only the exact needed amount of current.

Solenoid Mounting

Solenoids have two types of mounting configurations. The first one could be mounted on top of your winch and the other one is at a remote place in your vehicle which is far away from your winch.

Each type comes with advantages and disadvantages as well. A solenoid mounted on your winch comes with an easier mounting configuration. It does not have a lot of wirings and it is not as complicated as solenoid mounted remotely. It ensures that it will not be chaffing your wires and it lessens the risk of short circuit. The downside, however, your solenoid could be exposed to heat which your winch’s motor would be emitting. It is also more at risk to harsh conditions and could possibly won’t do good in the long run.

Mounted remotely inside your vehicle solenoids, on the other hand are safer and protected from harsh elements as mentioned above. They are often smaller and compact which makes them easier and convenient to install on your winch bumper. The downside of this type of solenoid, however, is that the wiring could be very complicated and you might need electrical skills or a professional to help you. After all, as mentioned earlier, you will have to be careful when dealing with solenoids as you would not want unnecessary electrical problems which could damage your winch beyond repair.

Should You Use Two or Four Solenoids?

Some winches use 4 solenoids while others would be using only two. The number of solenoids to use on your winch would actually depend on the power and motor of your winch. As mentioned earlier, powerful winches would need more solenoids as powerful winches often utilizes series wound motors which would definitely need four solenoids. This way it could be more reliable and stronger. The downside of this is it would be more expensive than those winches that only have two solenoids. Hence, if you have budget and you are willing to invest, then this would be a better option and it would be more recommended.

Smittybilt Winch Solenoid Replacements

Anzio Universal Winch Solenoid Relay

The Anzio Universal Winch Solenoid Relay uses 12 volt and 500 amp type of solenoid relay. It could be used on any winch that has a capacity of 8000 lbs to 12000 lbs. It could be used as a replacement for Smittybilt winch solenoid especially for X20 and XRC8 winch models. In addition to that, this solenoid is compatible with either series wound or permanent magnet.

This solenoid is easy to install with its pr-cut mounting bracket. It is waterproof and it is corrosion resistant as well with its case. It is made of ABS and aluminum alloy which makes this solenoid very durable. If you choose this solenoid, we suggest that you let a professional help you with it as it does not come with installation manual and might install it incorrectly.


  • Water resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Compatible with any winch with 8000 to 12000 lb pull capacity
  • Easy to mount


  • Does not come with instruction manual

NPBoosted Winch Relay Solenoid NP-PR0500

This is another perfect solenoid replacement option. It comes with 1 year warranty and it is easy to install for those who know solenoids. The downside, just as our first solenoid replacement option, it does not have an instruction manual. Hence, if you do not have mechanical skills, then, it might be better to get a professional to help you.


  • Compatible with a lot of Smittybilt winch models
  • Could work with any 5000 lbs to 12000 lbs winches with 12V 500 amp motor
  • Easy to mount


  • Does not have installation manual


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide in dealing with solenoids on your Smittybilt winches.

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