Rugcel Winch

Winch has so many brands and models in the market today that choosing one that would best suit you could be very challenging and difficult. There are numerous popular brands like Warn and Smittybilt. However, there are also some winch brands that are not well-known but their winch products are highly impressive. Hence, in this article, we have decided to feature one brand, Rugcel and review their best products. Keep in mind that when a brand is popular it means it is the best. We recommend for you to explore more and check other brands and their products.

Best Rugcel Winch

Rugcel Winch 13500 lb Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

This winch has a loading capacity of 13500 lb and it comes with synthetic rope. It is easy to use and it has the ability to tow trucks, jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs and even trailers. Its control pack could be mounted in different ways which is a feature which most expensive winches have. It has wireless remote control with a 90′ range. This winch is perfect for 4×4 vehicle, trailer and RV. It is ran by 7.2 HP series wound motor. It also offers 3 years limited warranty.


  • Waterproof with its IP68
  • Heavy duty
  • 100′ steel cable which goes through 4-way roller fairlead.
  • Leaver action large free spooling clutch
  • Three-stage planetary gear and automatic direct drive cone brake for smooth operations.
  • Easy to install winch
  • Durable waterproof relay
  • Comes with wired remote control and two wireless remote control
  • Reasonably priced


  • The length of the remote control could be longer

Rugcel Electric 12V 2000lb Single Line Waterproof Winch

This winch comes with weight capacity of 12000 lbs. In fact, it could pull anything that weighs about 8000 lbs. It has a three stage planetary gear train and dynamic brake control. It runs on wound motor 6.6 HP. It also works on 500 AMP waterproof solenoid. Moreover, it has two wireless remote control. It also has lever-action free spooling clutch.


  • Rated IP68 which means it is waterproof
  • It is very durable and reliable
  • It is easy to install
  • Comes with wired 12′ remote control and two wireless remote controls
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Affordable
  • Easy to understand user manual


  • The wired remote control could be longer

Rugcel Winch 3500 lb Waterproof IP68 Electric Winch

This winch has the ability to tow vehicles such as UTV, ATV, boats and cars. It has loading capacity of 3500 lbs. It has a durable 50′ steel cable and it has cam activated free spooling clutch and automatic load holding brake. It also has a three stage planetary gear train.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with environment friendly blue white zinc plated hook and cable stopper
  • Waterproof
  • Cost effective


  • Instruction manual is a bit challenging to follow

Rugcel Winch as a Brand

Rugcel has started since 1999. They offer winches and other related accessories such as mounting plate, roller fairlead, shackle and many more. Their products are very affordable and they innovate regularly.

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