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Rough Country Winch Review

Off-roading is characterized as an adventure that is full of fun. However, though as much as it is fun, it is also full of challenges. It provides the sense of unpredictability which makes it exciting. However, as mentioned earlier, it also comes with drawback as well. For example there is a huge possibility of your vehicle getting stuck on mud. This means, before going on an off-road trip, you will have to be prepared to be able to get out of these situations. One way to be prepared is having the right tools and one of which is highly recommended for you to have is a winch.

There are numerous winches in the market which makes it difficult to choose one that would best suit your needs and preference. We understand you completely which is why we are featuring one of the best brand in the industry – Rough Country.

Rough Country offers high quality winches which are affordable which makes it a very a very good brand to look into. In this article, we shall feature Rough Country’s best winch products.

Best Rough Country’s Winches

Rough Country 12,000 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

The 12,000 LB Pro is considered as the most powerful rough country winch. It has the ability to tow up to 12000 lbs of weight which means you will be able to recover any vehicle that weighs up to 8000 lbs in total. This winch is offered with synthetic rope and steel cable versions. It comes with powerful 6 HP series wound motor and 3-stage planetary gear plus sliding ring gear clutch.

Moreover, this winch provides auto in-drum braking system and its solenoid is movable as well. It is an IP67 waterproof rating and it offers 1 year electrical warranty and 2 year mechanical warranty.

This winch is perfect for towing trucks, jeeps, SUVs and other vehicles and is IP67 ratng which makes it waterproof.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Offered in synthetic rope and steel cable version
  • Equipped with series wound motors
  • Comes with high quality 85ft. synthetic rope
  • The solenoid is movable
  • Comes with warranty


  • Does not offer wireless remote

Rough Country 9500 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

This winch has a capacity weight of 9500 lbs. It comes with 5.5 HP, 12 volt series wound motor. It offers both synthetic rope and steel cable versions. It is reasonably priced and it comes with IP67 waterproof rating. It has three stage planetary gear system and automatic drum brake and accessories.


About Rough Country

Rough Country is popular in terms of their high quality off-roading products. They are also known for their Suspension System. They ensure they care about their customers and ensure that they adhere to their offered warranties. Their electric winches are their leading most sold products and they ensure that all their products are made of high quality materials which makes their products very impressive.

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