Orcish Winch Review

There are times when we get stuck in a situation wherein our vehicle gets stuck in a mud or difficult terrains. In these types of situations, having a winch is very convenient. It could massively help you get out of the mentioned situations. However, there are also times wherein your winch could malfunction and we understand how frustrating this could be especially when you are in the process of recovering your vehicle. This is why it is very important that you purchase the right winch which is within your budget.

Choosing the best winch that does not exceed your budget is a challenging task. There are a lot of pretenders which could market that their product is of high quality and reliable but in reality they are just waste of money. Do not worry, we will not let you get trapped in this type of situation. In this article, we shall feature one of the best brands when it comes to the winch world. This brand is named Orcish. Not only they are impressive winches, they also provide value for your money.

Top and Best Orcish Winch

ORCISH IP67 Waterproof 12V Steel Cable Electric Jeep Truck Winch

This winch comes with a 13000 lb weight capacity which is perfect to be used for heavy duty jobs such as getting your truck or jeep unstuck. It is considered as a very powerful winch which has the ability to recover anything that weighs below 8666 lbs. As for its safety, this winch comes with automatic load-holding brake system and operates on a 3-stage planetary gear system which provides smooth operation.

Its remote controller is wireless which provides another safety feature. This means, you could operate your winch at a distance.

This winch uses a steel cable but they also have a synthetic cable version as well. It is an IP67 rated type of winch which means it is waterproof. It also comes with overload protector and includes a winch cover and a pair of gloves. It has free spooling clutch, clevis hook, 500 amp solenoid contractor, hawse fairlead and a clear manual. It also has a one year warranty.


  • IP67 rated
  • Easy to install and use
  • Heavy duty stainless steel cable
  • Sealed control box
  • Overload protector
  • Two wireless remote controls
  • Wired remote control
  • Comes with a pair of gloves
  • Easy to hold


  • The battery of the wireless remote control do not last long

ORCISH 12V 4500lb Electric ATV UTV Synthetic Rope Winch

This winch comes with a weight capacity of 4500 lbs which means you could use this on towing anything that has a weight of 3000 lbs and below. Hence, this winch is perfect to be used for cars, UTV/ATVs, boats, trucks and jeeps.

This winch comes with a mechanical dynamic brake which ensures you will experience maximum safety. It also has a braking system which ensures it reduces heat whenever your powerful winch is performing. It operates on a 3-stage planetary gear system and it uses a synthetic rope. If this does not suit you, do not worry as you could get a steel cable version.

This winch includes two wireless remote controllers and its motor is 1.4 HP permanent magnet which is reliably sealed. This winch is offered with one year warranty.


  • Ideal for UTVs and ATVs
  • IP67 rated
  • impressive motor
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in breker
  • High quality 49′ synthetic rope
  • It is not noisy to operate
  • Includes a pair of gloves
  • Affordable


  • It would be better if they have included a dashboard rocker.

ORCISH 12V 3500lb Electric Winch ATV UTV Synthetic Rope

This winch comes with 3500 lbs. which means you will be able to use this winch on anything that weighs 2333 lbs and below. It could be used for getting your UTV or ATV unstuck from mud.

This winch operates on 3- stage planetary gear system and has a dynamic brake which ensures safety when you are using it. It also comes with two wireless remote controllers as well. It is offered in both steel cable version and synthetic rope version. It is resistant to corrosion and it comes with 12 volt DC permanent magnet motor which is sealed as well.

This winch includes clevis hook, control box, set of bolts, hawse fairlead, manual, pair of gloves, safety rope and it offers a one year warranty.


  • Smaller than most winches
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with two wireless remote controls
  • Comes with a handlebar rocker switch
  • Easy pull and turn free spooling clutch
  • Easy to use
  • Synthetic rope version
  • Operates quietly
  • Comes with a pair of gloves
  • Very affordable


  • Does not come with a dashboard rocker switch


Orcish provides great and impressive winches. They are reliable as well. Aside from that, they are priced for those who are in a budget. The winches are durable, functional, powerful which provides you value for your money.

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