How to Wire a Winch Without a Solenoid

Winch is a very useful and helpful tool which every car enthusiast must have. It could be used for off-road adventures or it could be used for utility. It could also be used for self-recovery whenever and in case your vehicle gets stuck in mud, snow or rocky terrains. Aside from that, it could also be used for hauling and hoisting heavy loads. Furthermore, winches are known for it being durable which makes it capable in handling heavyweight loads. This is true as long as you do not invest in a winch that are cheap. We recommend that you invest on a winch that comes with proper maintenance. Though, it is inevitable for winches not to have technical issues, it is always recommended for you to always be prepared whenever this happens. Do not worry as through this article, we shall help you prepare for this kind of situation. We shall provide you a guide on how to troubleshoot your winch. To do this, you will have to bypass solenoid which is installed on your winch. Then, you would need to look where the problem is at and what is the cause of it. In other words, you will have to locate it.


Before we go into details, we have to emphasize on a very important factor when dealing with winch and that is safety.

  • Keep safety in mind. Always work with caution especially when handling electrical connections
  • Clean your working space. This will ensure you that you will not trip or slip unnecessarily.
  • Wear gloves. This will avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • Do not wear loose clothing and jewelry as these could be caught in the winch’s moving parts.

How to Wire a Winch Without a Solenoid

Wiring Your Winch

  • Disconnect the positive lead from the battery
  • Label and disconnect the three cables (from the control pack)
  • The three posts on the motor are A, F1 and F2.
  • Run a small jumper wire (5″ to 6: dead lead, 8 ga) from A to F1
  • Put the power from the battery to F2
  • The winch will run in one direction
  • Place the jumper wire from A to F2.
  • Put the power from the battery to F1.
  • The winch motor will then run in the opposite direction.

The steps above show how to check your winch motor directly. This way, you will be able to see if there are faulty wirings and wires.

Winch Recommendations

We highly recommend, if you are choosing a winch kit, the Dutton Lainson Winch. This winch is well-known for their winch accessories and hand winches.

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