How to Wire a Winch Rocker Switch?

The common way to control a winch is through the use of a remote. Remote control is usually packaged with a winch kit whenever you buy a winch. However, there are times when you would not like to use a remote since it is a bit hassle to plug and unplug the remote every time you would need to use your winch. We also understand that it is a bit annoying to get off your car to use your winch. Do not worry as there is a way to do this inside your car and you do not have to plug your remote in order to use your winch. This method is through the use of a winch rocker switch.

A winch rocker switch is a control winch which allows you to control your winch instead of a remote. You could install this winch rocker switch on your driver’s seat. This means, you could control your winch while you are inside and using your car. You will also not have to plug and unplug the remote every time you would use the winch. All you need to do is flip the switch on your driver’s seat and you will be able to control your winch.

How to Wire a Winch Rocker Switch

Installing a winch rocker switch is not that hard so you will not have to worry about spending a lot on hiring someone to do it. You could do it yourself. All you have to do is follow the steps below and proceed with caution.

Before installing

  • Turn your vehicle’s ignition off.
  • Try to find the toggle switch, red, yellow and green wires connected to the toggle switch
  • Disengage the winch clutch
  • Open the hood for easier access to install the winch rocker switch
  • Cut off one of the spade connectors on the supplied yellow and green wires.

Installing the rocker switch

  • Position the tube clamp-on handlebars
  • Mount the Rocker Switch housing to Tube Clamp through the use of capscrew, shake-proof washer, locknut and flat washer. Ensure it is securely tightened.
  • Push the wires through the back of the switch housing.
  • Put the Gasket onto the Rocker Switch
  • Slide into the loom, the green, yellow and red wires.
  • Slide the loom up to the back of the switch housing
  • Snap together the switch and switch housing.
  • From the Rocker switch, bring the wires down the handlebars
  • Turn the handlebars right and left to give you more space
  • Bring the wires to the toggle switch and ensure to match the yellow, red and green wires from rocker switch to the wires connected to the toggle switch.
  • From the toggle switch and from the rocker switch, put the yellow wire into the wire splice
  • Fold the place clip over
  • Snap it close
  • Repeat this for green and red wires.

Finishing Installation

  • Ensure that the winch clutch is disengaged
  • Press the rocker switch to out. If the winch operates, ensure that the yellow, green and red wires are connected properly and correctly
  • Spool the cable out by hand
  • Engage the winch clutch
  • Turn on the ignition and press the rocker switch out
  • If the winch does not operate with the ignition I on, ensure that the wires from the rocker switch and corresponding wires at the wiring harness connected to the receiver.
  • Ensure that the wires are not drawn taut across surfaces that could damage them.
  • Use cable ties

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