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How to Winch Backwards?

Off-road adventurers very well know to never leave their winch whenever they go on a trip. It is one of the most essential tools you must have in your vehicle. It could help you get you out from being stuck in a difficult terrain. It could help you recover your vehicle and allows you to help climb steep landscapes. What is more amazing about having a winch is that you would not need to have anyone’s help to recover your vehicle. If you wish how to use your winch, check our article guide here.

Though we have several guides and articles on how to use a winch, there are different situations which you could be in. For example, you might have to reverse for you to get unstuck. Hence, you might have to learn how to use your winch in a backward method.

How to Winch Backwards?

In this article, we will learn how to winch backward. In this article, you will learn two ways to winch backward.

Winching Directly

  • Find a stable anchoring point which should be able to withstand the weight of the vehicle that you are winching.
  • Disengage the lever to release cable. This could be found outside of your winch. It has a label of free spool and disengage. Turn your lever to disengage option which would allow you to pull out the winch cable manually.
  • Pull out the winch cable. Keep in mind not to pull too much of your winch’s cable. If you pull too much, it could cause unnecessary slack.
  • Run the cable under your vehicle. Ensure that there are no places under your car that could damage your cable.
  • Turn the lever to engage. You would see a label engage. Turn the lever to the label.
  • Winch the vehicle towards the anchoring point. Use the remote and winch toward the anchoring point.

Winching Using Snatch Blocks

  • Find three anchoring points which could withstand the weight of your vehicle. Try to check out trees.
  • Disengage the lever to release cable. Turn the lever to the disengage option. This will help you to be able to pull out the winch cable.
  • Wrap the tree trunk protector around the anchoring points. This could be a nylon strap which could loop at each end.
  • Attach a D-Shackle to the three straps which you have setup.
  • Hook two snatch blocks to the D-shackle which is attached to the tree trunk protector. Do not do this for the last anchoring point.
  • Hook a snatch block to the rear of your vehicle. The third would have to be put on the rear of your vehicle.
  • Wrap the winch cable around the snatch blocks. The winch pulley should be opened. This could be done by turning the screw which is located on the side. Wrap the winch cable on the three pulleys. Once done, close the case.
  • Hook the winch cable hook to the third anchoring point
  • Turn the lever to engage
  • Start winching

Though this might be confusing to some, to put it in simpler terms, the difference of forward and backward winching is the pulling of slack. Though with backward winching, it may seem that there is no slack but in reality there is. As your winch pulls, there would be slack which would be between the second and third points.


We hope that through the two methods provided in this article, you were able to use them in winching backward. If you wish to learn more about winches, check out our other guides:

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