How to Use A Winch Pulley Block

Putting a winch to your vehicle is one of the best tools that you could attach to your vehicle. Since, there are times when it is inevitable to travel through rough roads or off-road adventures, it is a wise decision for you to have a winch attached to your vehicle. This way when you go through rough terrains or get stuck somewhere, you will not have to worry. You will also not have to worry about going through mud, snow, steep rocks and other conditions.

Having a winch could definitely help you in certain difficult and rough road conditions. However, there are times when having a winch is not enough to get you out of those harsh conditions. This means, you will need another pulling power which could help you out and this is a winch pulley block.

In this article, we shall provide useful information about Winch Pulley Block.

What Is A Winch Pulley Block?

A winch pulley block is a pulley which comes inside a metal casing which could easily be opened. This means it is easy to use as well. This tool is made to be able to support heavy loads. It could be redirect lines which could be used for self recovery when you get stuck. A winch pulley block could increase the winch’s weight capacity and could be used right away. Hence, if you have any problems which cannot be solved by your winch, a winch pulley block would definitely be handy.

Types of Winch Pulley Block

Winch Pulley Block has the following different basic types:

Winch Pulley Block with Shackle – This type of winch pulley block is often used in permanent temporary rigging applications.

Swing Winch Pulley Block – Normally used in vehicle winches.

How to Use A Winch Pulley Block

Keep in mind that a winch pulley block alone cannot double a winch’s capacity. Take note that it only changes direction. This could only be used and would work well when a winch cable is wrapped around a pulley and it is attached back to a recovery hook on the vehicle. This means that instead of winch in the vehicle pulling towards an anchoring point it would pull itself from your front bumper. To use a winch pulley block, you will need to follow the steps provided below:

  • Ensure safety first. Always be careful in operating your winch as this type of tool is designed to pull thousands of force.
  • Find a stable anchoring point
  • Wrap a tree trunk protector around your anchoring point
  • Attach a D-shackle to the two ends of the straps
  • Pull out the winch cable from the winch. Keep in mind not to pull too much.
  • Wrap the winch cable around the winch pulley block and close the casing.
  • Hook the winch pulley block to the D-Shackle that is attached to the tree trunk protector
  • Locate your car’s recovery hooks and then attach the winch cable hook there.
  • Turn the lever to engage
  • Gently press the gas and drive your vehicle towards the anchoring point slowly while winching at the same time
  • Once you have recovered yourself from getting stuck, stop the winch and unrig the winch.

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