How to Use a Winch for Pool Cover

Do you have an above ground pool at home? Then, you probably know how difficult it is to close it or to cover it especially when it is time when it is near winter time already. By closing your pool, you are protecting it from all kinds of elements. The only problem with this type of task is that it is not easy to do alone. Luckily, most pool covers are designed to be tightened through the use and help of a winch. In fact, the cable tightener could be securely fastened through a winch. In this article, if you do not know how to use a winch to cover your pool, you came to the right place as we shall provide you a step-by-step guide on how to use a winch to cover your pool.

Why Use a Winch to Close Your Above Ground Pool

There are many ways on how to keep your pool clean and one of them is by covering your pool especially when it is close to winter time. By covering your pool, you will be able to protect it from debris and unnecessary dirt. For you to be able to do this, there is a winch like cable tightener which you could use to help you cover your pool easier and effectively.

How to Use a Winch For Pool Cover

Winterizing the Pool

Before you cover your pool, you must first prepare your pool for the coming winter. You will need to clean your pool thoroughly. You will also have to disconnect the pumps and filtration system and of course you must reduce the level of water in your pool. The recommended water level is at least 4 inches below the skimmer level. This way you could be assured that the water will not overflow when you cover it. Once that you have ensured that the water level is ideal, ensure that the return and skimmer sittings are properly sealed. Once this is done, also ensure that you apply the proper pool closing chemicals – rust protector, pool winterizer, pool shock and the like.

Laying the Pool Cover

Now that you have prepared your pool to be covered, it is now time to cover it. Ensure the pool cover is not the exact size of your pool. In fact, we suggest that the cover to be at least 3 feet wider. This way it could cover the top of your pool and at the same time you will have enough to hang your cover on the sides of your pool. Ensure the extra material would hang evenly at the size. This way it would be easier to tighten it.

Securing with a Winch

Now that you have laid the cover over your pool, you will then have to secure it with your winch. To do this you will have to weave the cable through the holes around the edges. Once done, pull the rope. This will then tighten it. Secure the ends of the rope then turn on your winch. Remember, you will have to do this slowly to avoid damaging your pool. Tighten evenly the cable. Ensure that it would remain underneath the pool rail. To do this, we encourage you to use a portable winch or a hand winch. if you are unsure which type of winch to use, check our articles on winch buying guide and different types of winches.

Conclusion-Basic Steps

The steps mentioned above are the most basic steps to securing a pool cover with the use of your winch. Though there are a lot other more different steps to ensure that your pool is covered properly and securely, the most basic and the most essential steps are provided and mentioned above.

This guide is to help you start the process of securing your pool with pool cover easier with the help of your winch.

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