How to Use A Hand Winch

One thing you must not forget to do when going on an off-road adventure is preparation. This way, you would not be panicking in case you get caught in a situation. As they say, preparation is the key. Off-roading could be tricky as aside from the adventure, there are situations wherein you could get stuck in a rough terrain and when this happens, you must be prepared.

When situations and problems arise, the best way is having the right and best tools and when going on a road trip, is a winch. A winch could help you get out of being stuck in the wilderness or on a very difficult terrain.

Some winches depending on the type could get very expensive and if you are on a tight budget, you could be in a difficult situation of being able to purchase one. If this is the case, do not worry as there are several alternatives and one of them is a hand winch.

Hand Winch

A hand winch, as mentioned earlier is much more affordable compared to other types of winches such as electrical winches, PTO winches, hydraulic winches, etc. Hand winches are portable and they are easy to use. They are very convenient when there is no power. Installing this type of winch is easier to install compared to electric winches which are difficult to install and are not portable.

The only downside of a hand winch is that they are manually powered. This means, you must work it for your hand winch to work.

How to Use A Hand Winch

Now that you know what are the advantages of having a hand winch, it is now time to learn how to install and operate your hand winch. However, before we discuss further, ensure that you practice and observe safety.

Attach A Strap In The Car’s Recovery Points

After ensuring safety measures are being observed and practiced, the next step would be for you to ensure that you attach the straps both on your car’s recovery points. This could be seen near and underneath the front bumper. By doing this, you could ensure balance.

Attach A Strap to An Anchoring Point

The thing you must then do is to find a fixed anchoring point which could support your car’s weight. This could be a tree or a huge, heavy rock. This is essential when you are winching.

Attach A D-Shackle

You will also have to attach a D-shackle at both ends of the strap. This should be attached to your car’s recovery points and to strap that is wrapped around the anchor.

Attach the Hand Crank Wnch

Then, the next step would be attach the hand winch’s hook to the front and end of the winch. Ensure that they are both D shackles.

Winch Your Way Out

Now that you have set up your hand winch, you could now start to manually operate your hand winch. You could do this by using the lever of your hand winch. Keep in mind that operating this type of winch could take some time for you to get some results.

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