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How to Use A Cable Winch Puller?

Winch is the most used tool when it comes to activities such as lifting, hauling and hoisting. It is also used for self recovery of vehicles that get stuck in difficult terrains and it could also be used for utility work as well.

There are a lot of winches in the industry. In fact, there are numerous different types of winches and models which are made for off-road use and sailing. If you are looking for a winch for hauling, securing load and tension and at the same time portable, then, we highly recommend that you look into a cable winch pull. This type of winch is perfect to be used for utility which is also portable and light. In fact, they could easily be installed and detached from any vehicle.

If you are having some problems with operating winch cable puller, do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you useful information which you could use as a guide on how to deal and how to operate your winch even without any prior experience.

How to Use A Cable Winch Puller

General Safety Instructions

  • Always be safe and cautious – keep in mind whenever using any kind of tools that you have to handle them with safety in mind.
  • Always keep your work area clean. This would help you avoid all kinds of accidents
  • Do not use excess force- when operating your winch, it is not advisable for you to use excessive force to avoid accidents
  • Do not wear loose clothes – this could also cause unnecessary accidents
  • Inspect the winch before you use it. There could be some parts that are broken and check if there are any signs of wear and tear. If there is any type of damage, do not use your winch.
  • Maintain balance – ensure that you keep your winch in a balance and sturdy place. Do not overextend yourself.
  • Always maintain your winch – in order for your winch to last longer, always keep in maintained.

Important Safety Instructions

  • Do not exceed the winch’s maximum rated weight capacity
  • Do not haul or pull objects through wrapping around the object with your winch cable.
  • Do not operate the winch when the cable is wrapped in less than five times around the drum
  • As mentioned earlier, always inspect your winch before you use it.
  • Do not use if your winch and/or winch’s parts are damaged
  • Ensure that the safety latches on the hooks are closed
  • Ensure the the load is secured before you pull or haul
  • Ensure that the stop pawl spring is engaged when you are using your winch

Operating your Winch

Release the Cable

  • Pull the Drive Pawl Spring on the lever handle to its position of disengaging the main Ratchet drive
  • Attach the load hook to your load
  • Ensure that you squeeze the stop pawl trigger,
  • Walk with the cable until you reach the anchor point
  • Ensure that the stop pawl trigger is fully engaged back to the Ratchet sprocket cam
  • Connect the anchor hook to the anchor point

Pulling the Load

  • Engage the drive by pushing the Drive Pawl Spring in downward position.
  • Swing the lever back and forth until the load has reached its desired position
  • Ensure that you secure the load to ensure that the load will not move when you release the tension of the cable.

Releasing the Tension After Pulling

  • Loosen the cable by pushing the Drive Pawl Spring into upward position. This will disengage the main Ratchet Drive.
  • Swing the lever handle fully over the Anchor Hook Side of the winch. This will force the spring loaded Stop Pawl mechanism pin down to be pinned down.
  • Raise the lever handle
  • Repeat the mentioned actions until the cable tension is released
  • Squeeze up the Stop Pawl Trigger
  • Gently pull on the puller to loosen the cable
  • Rewind the cable on the drum
  • Leave the load hook attached on the load and push the drive pawl spring into down position
  • Hold the anchor hook in one hand and gently pull the load while operating the Lever Handle back and forth.

Winch Recommendations

If you are looking for a winch, we highly recommend a very reliable and trustworthy winch brand, Warn winches. Their products are top-notch, very reliable and very durable. One of their products that we highly recommend is their Warn winch bumper which could help protect your winch from any type of terrain and weather conditions.

  • WARN 102355 Low Profile Front Bumper
  • WARN 101337 Elite Series Full-Width Front Bumper
  • WARN 102520 Jeep JL/JK Front Crawler Bumper


We hope that through this article, you are now able to operate a cable winch puller. If you are looking for other guides, check our other articles on Rough Country Winch Review, Best Chainsaw Winch Review and Best Off Road Winch Accessories.

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