How to Use a Block and Tackle With a Winch

Having a winch on your vehicle and attaching it to it is a wise decision. It is best for you to have this tool as a preparation for any situation that you could get in while traveling. It could help you get unstuck in a difficult terrain such as rocky roads, mud, snow and the like. Furthermore, through the use of a winch, we could assure you that it will be able to help you even with unforgiving conditions. Though that is the case, there are also some conditions which using a winch alone could be difficult and challenging. Another issue that you could face when using a winch is that there are some winches that come short on the pulling power. Those are just some of the reasons as to why winches come with tool packs especially those winches that are used to self recuperation for the purpose of those who gets stuck in difficult terrains. One of the things that are included to help a winch in the mentioned situations is a block and tackle.

A block and tackle’s use is not only for self-recovery but they could also work as a utility. In fact, the winch’s cable could be used for wrapping the winch cable around it. Then, the winch cable is threaded through its pulley which would then provide a mechanical advantage where force could be applied to the cable.

What is a Block and Tackle?

A block and tackle is in fact a set of pulleys. It comes with arrangement of blocks with rope which is threaded through pulleys which is called the tackle. It uses a single rope which then transfers its tension around a pulley to hoist a load. Then the tackle directs how to take or hoist a load.

Having a block and tackle is very useful. In fact, it could increase the winch’s weight capacity. It could be used to help the winch with whatever tasks the winch needs to do. It could sustain heavy loads and it could redirect cables for self-recovery. Also, in case your winch has some problems, having a block and tackle could be very useful.

How to Use a Block and Tackle?

Before we go into details on how to use a block and tackle, the first important thing you should ensure safety. Since winches are used to pull thousands of forces and it involves heavy items like vehicles, it is important that safety is observed.

Self Recovery

  • Find a stable anchoring point – get an area which could withstand the weight of you being able to winch your car out.
  • Wrap a tree trunk protector around the anchoring point – the tree trunk protector is a nylon strap with loop at the end.
  • Wrap the nylon strap around the stable anchoring point and position the loops around that they are facing you.
  • Attach a D-Shackle to the two ends of the straps
  • Pull out the winch cable. Keep in mind that do not pull too much. Turn the lever and select the free spool and disengage.
  • Thread the winch cable around the block and tackle
  • Hook the block and tackle to the D-shackle that is attached to the tree trunk protector
  • Attach the winch cable back to your car’s recovery hook.
  • Turn the lever to engage
  • Press the gas
  • Stop winching


  • Spool the winch
  • Pull out the winch cable
  • Threat the winch cable around the block and tackle
  • Wrap the winch strap around the load
  • Attach D-shackle
  • Hook the block and tackle to the D shackle
  • Turn the lever to engage
  • Hoist the load

Winch Recommendations – 120V:


By partnering and equipping your winch with block and tackle is a wise decision and an affordable way to be able increase your winch’s weight capacity. If you want to learn more about winches, you could check our other tips and guides like Best Portable Winch and How to Attach Cable to Winch Drum

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