How to Replace a Winch Cable: Step by Step Guide

One of the most important accessories of a winch is the winch cable or rope. The reason behind this is because it is the part that gets exposed all the time. It is also the part that could encounter tension pull. This only shows how important it is for you to check regularly your winch cable. Moreover, it is equally important for you to choose one of high quality and a trustworthy manufacturer. Remember, you will have to be confident that your cable is not easily damaged. It is also important that you will not have any fears of accidents due to weak cable or rope. Choosing the correct winch cable or rope is a skill that you will have to learn especially if you are an off road enthusiast.

Before deciding on which cable or rope to get, another important skill you will have to learn how to replace a winch cable.

How to Replace a Winch Cable

Removing the Installed Cable

  • The first step to replace a winch cable is to uninstall the cable in a winch
  • Remove the coverings on the winch drum.
  • Expose the winch drum.
  • Disengage the clutch by releasing the drum
  • Put the clutch on the free spooling mode
  • Pull the cable out
  • Detach the cable from the drum

Installing the New cable

  • Smoothen the drum – Sand the burrs and sharp edges of the drum. Ensure to sand it until smooth. This will help and aid you in installing a new cable.
  • Another way is to get a new fairlead. Though this step is optional, it is very convenient especially when you are using a synthetic rope and would like to replace a steel wire cable. In doing this you will have to ensure that you have enough room between your fairlead and your drum. This would lessen the risk of damaging your winch cable whenever the cable gets pulled. Take in mind that when a fairlead is too close to the drum, it could damage the cable especially when the cable is pulled at a steeper angle.
  • Attach the winch line – Repeat how the old cable is attached to the drum.
  • It is recommended to get overheat protective sleeve.  This will protect your cable from being damaged from heat.
  • Spool the winch line – Spool your new winch cable. This is an important task. You will have to ensure that the new winch cable is securely attached to the drum. We highly discourage you from doing this manually but rather we suggest that you turn on the winch and use the remote control. This will pull the cable.
  • Once you are done with the steps provided above, it is wise to get someone to help you.
  • Ensure that you have complete layer of winch cable around the drum from one side to other before you overlap it on top.
  • Ensure also that the cable is tightly wrapped around the drum
  • Re-spool the cable whenever you use your winch. This will ensure that your winch is ready every time you would need it.

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