How to Recable a Winch?

When operating a winch, you must be careful, cautious and know how to use it safely. For example, whenever you try to use your winch to pull something, there is a possibility for the cable to get spooled on the drum in a very unpredictable way. This is why you should know how to operate it which means, you must know not to be near your winch whenever it is in operation and while it is pulling a heavy load. In this article, we shall learn how to re-cable a winch.

One of the most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not be near your winch and guide the cable to spool around the drum properly. However, when your winch’s cable spools on its drum unevenly, it could also damage your cable in the long run. Hence if you spooled your winch’s cable wrongly or you have pulled something with it that is more than it could handle, your cable could be damaged.

Your cable to experience less friction which would lead to inefficiency. This could be very frustrating especially when you need your winch to work for you in an emergency situation. When your winch breaks apart, it could cost you more than it supposed to be and worst, accidents and deaths could happen. This is why it is very important to ensure that your cable is spooled evenly and correctly around your winch’s drum. It is best for you to spend time and effort to re-cable your cable properly to avoid unforeseeable situations.

How to Re-Cable A Winch?

Safety first is always the first step. Hence, before you start re-cabling your winch, ensure that you are wearing a high quality pair of gloves. This will ensure that you will lessen the risk of hurting your hands while handling the cable of your powerful winch. Through a pair of gloves, you could protect your hands from any injury.

  • Turn off your winch.
  • Disconnect the remote control to ensure that your winch will not operate while you are re-cabling.
  • Put the clutch in free spooling mode
  • Pull the winch cable out. Ensure that you do this in a straight line. Do not pile it in front of your winch. This will help in preventing entanglements. Pull the cable all way out or until where uneven spooling begins.
  • Turn on the winch. Plug your winch’s remote control as well. This will help you pull the cable back slowly.
  • Spool the winch line. It would be better if a friend could help you with this. You could use the remote control and your friend could guide the cable onto the drum very slowly or vice-versa. Ensure that the cable will wrap evenly around your drum. Moreover, ensure that it is wrapped tightly.


There should be a complete layer of cable around the drum before it could overlap on itself. Guide the cable from one side and ensure that it wraps evenly and tightly until you reach the other side. Overlap and guide the cable back again to the other side. Repeat until the cable is completely wrapped on the drum.

  • Unplug the remote control and put it on in an accessible and safe place.


We hope that this short guide was able to help you re-cable your winch. Let us know how it went and do not forget to leave us a comment. If you wish to learn more about re-cabling your Winch and gain more knowledge and information, we suggest for you to check out our article on How to Get a Winch Spool Evenly.

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