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How to Install a Winch?

If you plan to go off road, it is highly recommended for you to get and bring with you a winch. Having a winch with you could help you get out of sticky situation and circumstances like getting your vehicle unstuck. It could also help you self-recover your vehicle. Hence, having a winch is very convenient and we would say that this tool is a must have when traveling. For all you know, a towing truck could be inaccessible and there is no one could help you out but yourself but having this tool will definitely help you out.

What is a Winch?

A winch is a powerful tool that could be used to help you pull or raise heavy objects such as vehicles. It also has the capability to haul and hoist through the use of a coil of rope, cable or chain. A winch comes with different parts and they are the following:

  • Cable wire – this comes with a chain or a steel wire which is wrapped around the drum. The length of the wire is usually between 9 meters to 36 meters
  • Motor – This what powers your winch. It could be hydraulic or electric.
  • Drum – this is a horizontal cylinder which keeps your wire wrapped around it.
  • Gear casing and gear train – it transforms power from the motor into movement.

Safety first

Before you go installing your winch for your vehicle, the most important thing you will need to consider is safety. Take in mind that winches are very powerful tools. This should not be taken seriously.

  • Do not install winch without reading the manual.
  • Do not hurry in installing your winch
  • Wear gloves. You will be dealing with metal wires. By wearing gloves, you will be protected from having splinters.

How to Install a Winch?

Mount your winch

  • Mount your winch into a suitable steel mounting frame
  • Foot down – comes with four mounting holes that could be found at the bottom
  • Foot forward – the four mounting holes are facing forward
  • Foot down or foot forward – winch could be mounted either foot down or foot forward
  • Foot forward and foot down – comes with four bolts which are used for foot forward mounting position. Two with foot down position. These type of winches cannot be mounted in foot down position only.
  • Before you mount your winch, ensure that the mounting plate is capable to handle your winch’s rated capacity.
  • Choose the winch frame. Ensure that they are at least 5mm thickness
  • Ensure that the winch is secured tightly. The coated bolts and spring washers should be at least grade 8.8.
  • Lubricate winch with high temperature lithium grease when mounting your winch.

Electrical Connection

  • Connect positive wire (red wire) to the positive post of the winch
  • Connect negative wire (black or brown wire) to the ground post of your winch
  • Move both wires to the engine section
  • Keep wires out from heat sources or where you think that your wiring could get rub and/or pinched
  • Connect the positive wire to the positive post on battery
  • Connect negative wire to the negative ground post on the battery

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