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How to get a winch to spool evenly

Winch is one of the most important tools one would need to have whenever going on an off road trip. It is also used mostly in industrial jobs as well. It is a tool which could work and help in moving heavy loads. Though this tool handles heavy loads, it also could be damaged if it is not taken cared of or used properly. Hence, this tool should be considered as an investment and should be protected from being damaged. One way to take care of your is winch is by ensuring that it is regularly maintained. You could also protect it by using a winch cover and cleaning it every time you finish using it. Lastly, you could also do an overall bench test. This test would help you ensure that your winch is working perfectly.

In taking care and protecting your winch, you would need to know which parts are susceptible to being easily damaged. One part that could easily be damaged over time is the winch rope whether it is synthetic rope or steel wire cable, you will have to be careful when dealing with it especially whenever you are spooling it. You must ensure that it is properly spooled.

If you do not evenly spool your winch rope, it could be damaged and it could lead to it being much less efficient. This means that when your rope is not evenly and tightly spooled on your winches’ drum, you would lose certain amount of friction which leads to messing up your winches’ pulling power.

How to Get a Winch to Spool Evenly

The most and important factor whenever you are dealing with your winch is safety. Hence, you must do everything to ensure that you and your tool are safe.

One way for you to be safe when handling your winch is by wearing protective gloves. This way you could be assured that get hurt and avoid injury especially when the motor of your winch is running.

Step 1 – Spool the Entire Winch Rope Out

The first step that you will have to do is to spool your entire length of your rope out. Spool it out up to the point where it gets uneven on the drum. When you do this ensure that you spool the entire length of the rope out.

  • Disengage the clutch lever.
  • If the winch drum is in free spooling mode, this means it is free to rotate in any direction.
  • Pull the entire length of the rope
  • Ensure that when you are pulling the winch line out, do not pile it right in from of the winch but rather pull it away from the winch in straight line.

Step 2 – Activate the Winch

  • Turn on your winch
  • Plug your remote controller
  • Engage the clutch lever to lock your winch drum
  • Get ready to pull the rope back into your winch

Step 3 – Slowly Pull the Rope Back on the Winch Drum

  • Get some help from someone. You would need someone to assist you in this part.
  • Ensure that the pull of your winch is very slow
  • Guide the rope on the drum. Do not forget to wear your protective gloves before doing this.
  • Do not overlap the rope until a layer covers the entire width of the drum.
  • Then, make sure that the rope covers the drum evenly before overlapping.
  • Ensure that the rope is tightly spooled on the drum.

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