How to Free Spool a Warn Winch

If ever you get stuck in a swamp or sandy terrain and you would have to use a winch for you to be able to pull your vehicle out of off-road, you will first, have to spool out the cable. Then, you will have to attach the cable to a suitable and stable object after which you will be able to begin to pull the car out. You will be able to unwind a cable of the length in different ways: through the automatic use of the engine, through the remote control or through the use of a winch’s free spooling feature.

One of the features of free spool technology is to free up a reel. To do this you would need to disconnect the drum containing the cable from the gearbox. Then it will release the drum which will allow you to rotate it easily and free the cable. In other words, the free spool technology could pull your winch hook and rope which allows you to connect it to the anchor and pull the car from its being stuck from a difficult situation.

Moreover, if you plan to drive the winch cable with your winch engine, take in mind that this could take a little longer and the winch motor brushes could wear out as well. However, if you use a free spool to pull the cable your motor would be able to do what it does best which is to pull your vehicle from being stuck. On the other hand, if you have to unspool your cable out , then we suggest to manually do the job. This way you will not waste your car battery.

Aside from being able to unspool the winch cable faster and easier, by using a free spool, you will be able to remove any tension on the winch cable as well.

Process Features

Electric winches are one of the most popular types of winches. However, it is easy to install and it is also easy to operate. They also last longer as well and to make it stay like that, we highly recommended to use free spool to unspool the cable.

How to Free Spool A Warn Winch

When dealing with free spool, the most important component is its clutch which is located on the side of the drum. The clutch makes the operator disconnect the drum from the gear which then in return allow the drum rotate freely to perform free spool. Here are the following steps that show how the process happens:

  • Wear leather thick gloves to be safe. This is highly recommended to avoid any injury.
  • Disengage the clutch. This way you could enable free spooling of the winch drum.
  • Free winch hook from anchor point
  • Append it to the hook band
  • Pull out winch cable to reach anchor point
  • Secure the tree trunk protector or choker chain around the tree

Precautions for Free Spool Warn Winch

  • Do not leave the remote control in a place where it could be turned on accidentally.
  • Do not leave the remote control of the winch plugged in during free spool.
  • Do not leave the remote control of the winch during installation, maintenance, rig or when the winch is not used.
  • Always wear thick leather gloves when dealing with managing winch rope.
  • Do not engage or disengage clutch if the winch is under load.
  • Always use furnished hook strap when free spooling
  • Always keep your hands discharged of winch cable, hook loop and fairlead opening during installation, operation and when spooling.
  • Do not use excessive effort to free spool.

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