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How to Double Your Winch Pulling Power

In this article, we shall provide you useful information which could help you learn how to double your winch’s pulling power. This is very useful especially on situations and occasions when you would need to have more power coming from your winch. These are the times when you are in an emergency situation and you would need to be able to rely on your emergency tool, your winch. Hence, in this article, we shall make sure that you will be able to rely on your winch all the time.

The Straight Pull

Manufacturers of winch would test their products and one of the things that they would rate is the line pull. Of course before they would release them to the public, their winch would be in perfect winching conditions. By claiming perfect condition this would mean that one of the factors would be that the line is perfectly straight during pull. Hence, in case you get stuck in an off-road rip situation, the chances could be that it is not always where you would find an anchor point directly in front of your winch. These types of situations have made manufacturers ensure that you would be able to navigate and for you to be able to get out of tricky winching scenarios. Thus, though there could be a situation where there would only be one viable anchor point and is an impossible angle, you would be able to use a snatch block which would allow you to rig a straight pull. Aside from that, you would also be able to get more draw from your winch through the use of more winch line.

Single Line Wrap

Another situation where you could get into is when your winch is in their rated line pulls have only a single wrap of cable around the winch drum. With more than one wrap of cable around the winch drum would lead to your winch being less efficient by about 10 percent. Hence is you have a 10,000 lb winch and with 5 wraps of cable, you would only be able to use about 60 percent of the power of your winch which means you would only be able to pull about 6000 lbs of weight. When this happens, however, if you use the snatch block, then, you might be able to rig your winch in a way that more line would be spooled out. Aside from that, you could also use the snatch block to maximize the power of your winch.

Double Your Winch Pulling Power

Aside from being able to maximize the power of the winch, it also has the ability to double the power of your winch. Though this is the case, before we go further, we must warn and emphasize that rigging your winch for you to be able to get more of the rated line pull could be dangerous especially when you do not have a winch pulling experience. It is also not recommended for you to rig your winch in complicated maneuvers. Moreover, if the rig seem to have a higher risk, then, we advise for you not to even attempt to pull with it.

Furthermore, it is suggested that you ensure that your winch’s accessories are durable enough to be able to handle the weight of the one that you would be pulling. Keep in mind that when we say doubling the pulling power does not mean it would also double your breaking strength of your rope, hook and other accessories. Hence, always consider this factor.

Math and Science

Doubling the pulling power could be shocking and difficult to believe that this could be possible. However, being able to see it and do it is a very strong evidence that this could be done. This is actually possible is that because the weight of the item could be distributed to all winch line as it is doubled back. This trick would make the winch pull only about half the weight of the load which allows it to effectively pull the entire load. Hence, by using your snatch block to hook the line back would definitely split the weight through two lines. Hence, if you use three snatch blocks, you will be able to triple the power of your winch.

Best Snatch Blocks

  • Rhino USA Ultimate Snatch Block
  • Smittybilt 2744 Universal Snatch Block
  • KFI Products ATV -SB Snatch Block
  • Orcish AY1-AT34

Double the Smartness

You will have to be smart whenever you would try to multiply the pulling power of your winch. If you would be pulling a load which is heavier than the capacity of your winch, this would mean disaster waiting to happen. Hence, ensure that you have enough sense and experience to recognize when you have reached your winch’s capacity.

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