How Does a PTO Winch Work?

Just like other any other tool, the winch has continuously improved from being a simple machine with simple applications to a tool that has served numerous purpose in the society. In fact, this tool is still being used up to date for recovering vehicles, mining, sailing and even manufacturing. Yes, that is right, anything that needs pulling or lifting, the winch is the best machine and tool to be used. It comes very handy and is very convenient especially with the advancement of this tool. It has now different types and models such as electrical, hydraulic, portable and even hand-operated winches. Each and every type of winch is designed specifically for specific tasks. However, though that is the case, they all work the same.

There is one type of winch that we have not mentioned above and it is the one that we would be featuring in this article and that is the PTO winches. This type of winch comes with unique features which makes it very different from the other type of winches. To learn more, read further and find out more about PTO winches.

PTO Winches

Power Take-Off winch or more commonly known as a PTO winch is not your typical winch that could recover a vehicle. In fact, it could do more than that. It is very much different from the electric and hydraulic type of winches as instead of hydraulic and electrical motor, it uses power that comes from a gearbox transmission. This means they are much faster which makes them more efficient.

How PTO winch works?

As mentioned earlier, winches could recover vehicles and this includes PTO. It could be used on tractors and trucks. Have in mind, however, that you will need to purchase PTO winch separately as they do not come with the vehicle whenever you purchase a vehicle. Furthermore, you will also have to take note that the PTO winch that you will purchase will have to be compatible with your vehicle.

Do not worry as whenever you purchase a PTO, manufacturers would ask you to provide information about your vehicle’s specifications. This way, they will be able to provide you a winch that would suit and fit the vehicle that you currently have.

When installing your PTO winch, ensure that you have done some studying and research on how to install it as you will have to be knowledgeable to be able to install it as you will have to use your gearbox.

In fact, to be able to install a PTO winch, you will have to engage and disengage it through the use of clutch and remote control. However, there are some PTO winches that come with different manuals and ways to be able to install your PTO winch. Hence, you will have to refer to their manual.

Though PTO winches are powered through the gear box, it is not connected directly which means a hydraulic system would be standing in between the winch and the gearbox. This means, it gets its power through the movement in the gearbox which also means the engine would have to be able to use it as well.

Weight Capacity

To determine how powerful your PTO winch is would depend on how powerful your vehicle is. The reason behind this is because PTO winch gets it power from your vehicle’s gearbox. This means this would depend on how powerful your vehicle’s engine is. Though that is the case, we could assure you that PTO winch could pull your car without any worries.


There are many types of winches and one of them is the PTO winch. It is different from other types of winches as its power source is your vehicle’s gearbox. This means it is more efficient and is faster. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information about PTO winches.

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