Harbor Freight Winch Solenoid Replacement

Winch comes with different parts and each and every part has a different role to make a winch work efficiently and effectively. In fact, winches usually come with motor, winchline, mounting plate, hook, remount control, clutch, etc. These parts are usually replaceable and could easily be done. However, take in mind that there are some parts that is difficult to replace and they are parts such as the motor and the solenoid.

What is a Solenoid?

Splenoid is a part of a winch which is considered as one of the most important. It is very delicate. In fact, it has high risk of getting damaged. This is the reason why this part is placed within the car’s hood. This is also why it is discouraged for you to replace this part just because you want to. Hence, it is also recommended for you to be careful before deciding of purchasing one.

Wrongly putting a solenoid on your winch could increase the risks of you having some electrical problems and could cost you hundreds of dollars. It could also damage your car’s battery and your winch’s motor and electrical components. Hence, through this article, we shall provide you our highly recommended harbor freight winch solenoid.

Best Harbor Freight Winch Solenoid Replacement

KanSmart 12V 250A Winch Solenoid Relay Contactor Thumb Truck for ATV UTV 4 x 4 Vehicles

This solenoid is a 12 volt and 250A solenoid relay. It is compatible with different brands and could work for ATV and UTV. It also comes with a guide of instructions which would help you immensely in installing this part. In fact, the wires are color coded which makes it easier to see which is or should be connected to which. Moreover, if you have a 12-volt winch, then this is perfect the solenoid for you.  Lastly, it comes with a solid metal housing which means you would not need to be worried about weather conditions. This solenoid comes with a lifetime warranty.


Kemimoto Winch Solenoid Relay Contactor 12V 250A for 4×4 ATV UTV, Winch Solenoid with 6 Protecting Caps

Looking for an all-around solenoid, then, this solenoid is your best bet. It is compatible with different winches and it could work on UTVs, ATVs. 4×4 vehicles, 12 v trailers, etc. Installing it is relatively easy with the instructions provided. With color coded wires, it is easy to know which wires go with what. Moreover, this solenoid comes with robust and corrosion resistant materials.


BIGTUR 500A 12V Winch Relay Solenoid Replacement Contactor for 8000- 15000lb ATV UTV Truck 4WD 4×4 Winch

This solenoid is for heavy duty winches such as 8000- 15000 lbs. It is compatible with different brands of winches and wireless remotes. It also comes with installation instructions which are easy to follow. Moreover, it has a heavy duty metal housing and it is shock proof, corrosion resistant and durable. It comes with a one-year warranty. Lastly, if you have any issues or problems with this solenoid, the company of this product has customer support which you could contact anytime and they are friendly and for sure will help and assist you.



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