General Grabber ATX vs KO2

Many thought that SUV’s popularity would decline when Jeepneys, UTVs and ATVs came into the market. However, this did not happen. In fact, SUVs became more popular as ever. Not only its off road capabilities have contributed to this but also due to its cool looking profiles. With technological advances in the suspension systems, it is not surprising for SUVs to continue its popularity. However, this is not the only reason as to why users love this type of vehicle but rather it is the all-terrain tires that it has. With the advancement of the tires, it is seen for the vehicle to become more capable than it was.

With suspension technology and amazing tires, SUVs has now become a vehicle that could handle the roughest terrains such as mud, rocks, snow and sand. Customers say that the best tires in the industry are the General Grabber ATX and BFGoodrich KO2 tires. With that said, however, users of both brand and model are debating which one is better. In this article, we shall feature both General Grabber ATX and BFGoodrich KO2 tires and let us know which one is better.

General Grabber ATX

General Grabber ATX tire is a newest type of tires that General Tire company is currently being offered in the market. It comes with amazing features which you would surely appreciate. It comes with the most advanced all terrain tire features. It provides amazing off road performance, balance, durability and traction. Additionally, it has StabiliTread Technology which makes the tire stronger and more durable. It also comes with DuraGen Technology which provides three layers of rubber and with Comfort Balance Technology, you could be assured that you will be comfortable. Surely, you will not feel any vibrations.

This tire looks aggressive with its Five Row Tread Pattern which provides more traction to the tire.


As they say, there are a lot of products look good in advertisements and on paper but when it comes to reality, they do not live to the expectations of the customers. However, when it comes to tires and General Grabber ATX, this is not true. The Grabber ATX has live to what is said about it. It is able to handle extreme terrains such as multi-terrain. As well all know, multi-terrain would definitely test your tires’ limits. It could handle loose rock surfaces and could also go through mud and sand.

BFGoodrich KO2 Tire

This tire has undergone major upgrades and it has been in demand. It is very durable and it comes with great traction which allows you to drive off-road terrain and in any weather condition. In fact, this upgraded version has 20 percent more traction in snow and in mud it has additional 10 percent. It also comes with twin steel belts with nylon and polyester cord sidewall construction. It is very durable with its Tri-Gard technology. This means you could experience maximum traction and at the same time feel comfort. Moreover, this tire has side biter lugs which allows you to drive through rocky terrains.


The answer to this is straightforward. Yes, this tire is good and it provides great experience. It could handle any type of whether and could go through snow, sand or mud. Its Tri-Gard technology is impressive and it could handle multi-terrain as well. It provides smooth ride and it is quiet.

Which is better?

Both tires are amazing and users would agree to it. Both could work on off road and could last for a very long time. However, if you will ask us, our personal favorite is BFGoodrich KO2 as it is tougher and it could last longer. As for experience, both tires provide equal performance. Traction is also similar on both tires.

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