General Grabber AT2 vs AT3

If you often travel off-road, it is highly recommended for you to ensure that your vehicle has the correct tires. This way, you could be assured that you are safe. However, choosing the best one that would best suit your needs and preference could be a difficult task. Do not worry as through this article, we shall review two of the most impressive off-road tires – AT2 and AT3 from General Grabber.

General Grabber is a well-trusted company and is well-known for their high quality products which are sold at affordable prices.

General Grabber AT2 vs AT3

General Grabber AT2

The General Grabber AT2 is highly impressive with its features of all terrain traction. This means, this tire could handle mud, rocky terrain and sand as well. It comes with unique studded thread design which has the ability to handle snow and extreme winter conditions as well.

The General Grabber AT2 is a tire which is specifically made for SUVs, ATVs and pickup trucks. It is perfect to be used for off-road and it ensures easy and comfortable ride as well. With this tire, General Grabber ensures that its thread reduces risks of cuts, chips and damage. It surely is high quality type of tire. It has features that surely make this tire standout.

The AT2 allows installation of metallic studs which could handle snowstorms. It surely does not sacrifice comfortability. It is very quiet and it does not vibrate at all. Moreover, this tire, you will find two-ply polyester cord body and two steel belts which ensures durability.

General Grabber AT3

The General Grabber AT3 is the new version of the AT2. This new version comes with some improvements. This includes the issues that AT2 have experienced. It has also retained some of the best features of the General Grabber AT2.

The AT3 is an all-terrain tire which has the ability to run through sand, mud and snow. It could also go through extreme winter conditions. Even without metal studs, it has the ability to handle the worst snowstorms.

Its tread design has been improved as well. In fact, its new tread shoulder design provides amazing and impressive off-road traction with its gripping edges. Furthermore, it comes with dynamic self-cleaning performance which adds grip when you go through mud.

This tire is quieter and has lesser vibrations. Also, it is quieter on on-road noise at highway speeds compared to A2. Lastly, A3 has also improved its features on the wet-road traction.


When traveling on off-road, having the right tires is very important and with this, we highly recommend AT2 as it is cheaper and the difference in features and improvement are very slight and small.

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