Fieryred Winch Review

Whenever you go on an off-road trip, it is important for you to be prepared for any type and kind of situation. You will have to be equipped, properly planned and well-prepared for anything like being stuck in a difficult terrain. One way to be prepared is having the right tools in your vehicle and one of these tools which is highly recommended for you to have is a winch.

A winch is very useful in getting you out of being stuck in mud or other type of terrain. In fact, an off-roader’s best friend is a winch. It is very convenient and handy. Aside from getting you out of being stuck, it could also be used in pulling heavy objects such as boats, trees and loading things into trailers.

Winches come in different brands and has a lot of different manufacturers which makes it difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Though there are a lot of well-known brands which are reliable and trustworthy, they could be very expensive. do not worry as there are other brands that make great options and are not as expensive as the popular brands.

One brand that is worth checking out is Fieryred. This brand, not only offers winches, they also provide different types of automotive products. Their winch options, we could say are pretty much amazing and what is more fantastic about this brand is that it offers options for low weight vehicles like ATV and UTV.

Fieryred Winch Review

Fieryred Electric 12V 4500lb Steel Cable Winch


  • 4500 lb pulling capacity
  • 2 wireless remote and 1 wired remote
  • Steel cable 15m long
  • 3 stage planetary gear train
  • Waterproof
  • 1.9HP/1.4kW permanent magnet motor

This winch comes with a pulling capacity of 4500 lb. which means it is perfect to be used on small objects. It could handle ATVs and UTVs. This winch is very powerful and at the same time fast. It has steel cable which is 15 meters long. It has a good look with its matte black textured finish and it runs on a powerful 1.9HP, permanent magnet motor. It has 3-stage planetary gear train which ensures you a smooth pulling winch operations.

This winch is waterproof and has a IP68 rating. It has 2 wireless remote control with 25 meters range. Moreover, this winch comes with three year warranty. In the package, this winch includes 2 wireless remote controllers, 1 wired remote controller, hawse fairlead, control box, universal mounting plate, 15 meter winch cable and a user manual.


  • Great option for pulling low weight vehicles
  • Could be held in one hand
  • 3-stage planetary gear train
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


  • Remote controls are not waterproof
  • Cable length is not long
  • Wireless remote does not come with battery

Fieryred Electric 12V 3500lb Steel Cable Winch


  • 3500 lb pulling capacity
  • 1.5HP permanent magnet motor
  • 2-stage planetary gear train
  • Waterproof
  • Steel cable 10m long
  • Wired and wireless remote

This winch is another perfect option for low load capacity. It has 3500 lb pulling capacity which means it could handle your ATV or UTV. It comes with high quality steel cable and it is 10 meters long. This winch runs on a 1.5HP permanent magnet motor and 3-stage planetary system and 153:1 gear reduction ratio.

This winch has both wired and wireless remote with 25 meter lead. It is waterproof which ensures it could handle difficult environment. Moreover, what is great about this winch is that it looks amazing with its matte black textured finish which makes it corrosion and moisture resistant.


  • Perfect for pulling low weight vehicles
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to carry


  • Runs only on 2-stage planetary gear train
  • Remote does not come with battery
  • Cable length is too short


Fieryred brand is just as reliable as other well-known brands. Their products are highly affordable and are perfect for off-road adventures. They are durable and perfect for low load capacity. They also have a very reliable and exceptional customer care. With this, we could say, we highly recommend Fieryred winches.

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