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Do Tire Chains Work in Mud?

When driving, one of the most important factors you should consider is the weather. For example, with winter being over, snow would melt and with rain coming in, the roads could provide you a challenge for you to be able to drive smoothly as mud would definitely appear on the roads. With this, you will have to ensure that your tires have the right amount of traction to be able to handle slippery muddy terrain.

What Tire Chains Do

Tire chains are better known as snow chains. It is a tool that provide maximum traction on slipper traction. These snow chains as its name indicates, is often used for snow. They work perfectly on ice as well. Though that is the case, it is discouraged for you to use tire chains every time there are snowflakes dropping down. On the other hand, it is only recommended to use tire chains when the roads are filled with snow or ice. The reason behind this is because it could damage the road as it does not have any ice to dig through.

Keep in mind that the usage of tire chains have laws and rules but this differ from one state to another. Hence, before using tire chains, ensure you are adept to the laws in your area or in the area you are planning to drive at.

Using Tire Chains in the Spring

The question most would ask is if you could use tire chains during spring. The answer to that question would depend on where you will use it. As mentioned, when winter transitions to spring, often times, the roads and grounds could turn to mud.

Using tire chains during spring is not advisable as it could damage the roads. However, it you are going offroad during early days of spring, then, probably you could use and bring your tire chains.

Tire Chains Work in Mud

Off-road terrains often are muddy especially during the early days of spring. This means it could be very slippery. Good thing is that tire chains could work in mud. Through the use of tire chains, your tires get better grip on the terrain. it increases the traction of your tires. With this, snow chains is actually better to be named as tire chains as not only you could use it during snow but you could also use it in muddy terrains.

Mud tires have around 50 percent more traction compared to the normal street tires in deep mud. Moreover, if you use tire chains, this could increase your traction 4 times more compared to street tires.

When Is It Practical to Use Tire Chains?

When you have a winch, another question you could pose is when would it be practical to use tire chains? Keep in mind always that using tire chains have limitations in terms of legal issues.

When you are driving through off-road and the trail that you would be going through is muddy, we highly recommend that you use tire chains as it is not practical to just drag your vehicle through muddy road with a mile long with the use of a winch. Moreover, if you do not have anchor points and you do not have any winch ground anchor, then, it would be convenient to have and use tire chains.

We do not recommend, however for you to use tire chains in sandy type of terrain as it could dig through sand and could get your vehicle stuck.

How to Use Tire Chains Properly?

Legal Concerns

As mentioned earlier, chains could damage the surface of the ground as it puts a bit of pressure on the surface. This means, there are some areas and states that have laws and rules when it comes to when you and where you could use tire chains.

Fit Chains Early On

Once you have checked if you could use tire chains and that you will not be breaking laws, one of the most important thing you will have to do is to fit the tire chains on your tires. The reason behind this is you would not like to be getting stuck in the mud first before you attach your tire chains. Keep in mind that it could be a struggle to jack up your car just to attach the chains especially when you are already stuck in deep mud.

Drive Slowly

Ensure that you check your tire chains’ manual. What speed limit you could run when you are using tire chains. The reason why you should check these details is that because if you do not use it correctly, you could end up damaging your wheels due to the heat that it would get from high speed of spinning.

Hence, we highly recommend for you to drive in low gears while you maintain the minimal throttle. In fact, we suggest that you drive at a maximum of 30 miles per hour.

Take Them Off When No Extra Traction Is Needed

As mentioned earlier, it is best for you to only use tire chains only when needed. Only when you need extra traction. Moreover, we also would like to reiterate that for best results, we suggest for you to have chains on every tire. This is no matter if you are driving a four wheel drive or not.


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