Cooper vs Firestone Tires

One of the most important part of any type of a vehicle is its tires. Without them your vehicle would definitely not be able to move. In fact, tires are actually a great invention which makes our lives easier. It could transport good to different places efficiently. Though tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, a lot of vehicle owners tend to overlook and owners also tend not to look for new tires or tire models as they seem to be just boring and are just made of rubber. Though that is the case, having the right tires could make a lot of difference.

Buying A Good Tire

Having and using a good tire could make a huge difference. In fact, having a good tire could improve traction, fuel economy, safety, handling and how it could work on different weather conditions. With that said, buying just any type of tire could actually provide you some disadvantages. For one, there is a possibility of it getting flat easily which means they are more susceptible to wear and tear. Yes, they may be cheaper and more affordable but in the long run, you could spend more than purchasing a high quality tire.

Having good tires could aid you in driving better and at the same time it could assure you to be safer. Hence, in this article, we shall feature two of the best tire brands.

Cooper Tires

If you wish to have high quality tires but you are on a tight budget, Cooper tires are good option and recommendation. Though their tires are sold at a much cheaper price, do not worry as they do not sacrifice the quality of their products.

Cooper has been in the industry since 1914. They have started with tire fix kits which then later developed into tires which is why they are not a household name like Goodyear, Michelin and Bridgestone. Though that is the case, they are still 5% of the market.

As mentioned earlier, Cooper tires are cheaper and easier to find. They have different sizes and different types of tires which are compatible with different car models. In fact, there are tires specifically made for Jeeps, SUVs, pick up trucks, saloons and minivans. There are also tires which are made for all terrain and for snow.

Cooper Tires Ratings

Just like any other products, we also have researched and checked the ratings that Cooper tires have in terms of safety.

One important factor that everyone considers when purchasing a tire is road safety. Hence, in getting the ratings for Cooper Tires, there are 3 factors or categories that were considered and they are the following:

  • Traction – This is the ability to be able to hold onto the road. This is often tested on wet pavement and is evaluated with grades AA, A, B and C (highest to lowest).
  • Treadwear – This is the relative wear rate. This means, the higher the number the lower the wear rate. The normal lab control tire is rated a 100 grade which is considered as the control tire.
  • Temperature Resistance- This category is the tire’s resistance against heat. As we all know tires go through roads that could be really hot which could lead to tire deterioration which could also lead to blowouts. This category is graded or rated A,B and C.

Cooper Tires Ratings:

  • Treadwear score: 400 to 600
  • Traction score: A-AA
  • Temperature Resistance: B-A

Keep in mind that the ratings mentioned above are rated as general average score.

Firestone Tires

This brand has been in the industry since 1900s. They have been known in the market as a brand that has a good reputation which lead to them becoming a household name. Though that is the case, unlike other household, popular brands, Firestone is on a cheaper and more affordable side.

Firestone, actually is a subsidiary of Bridgestone which is a very popular brand. In fact, it has 19.5 percent hold of the market.

Firestone is considered as a good competitor of Goodyear and Michelin. It has and continuously produces good and high quality different types of tires for different types of vehicles such as SUVs, pickup trucks, jeeps, minivans and saloons. Firestone tires definitely are reliable.

Firestone tires’ prices range from $105 for SUV tires and all terrain tires from $80 to $120.

Firestone Tires Ratings

  • Treadwear: 450 – 560
  • Traction : A
  • Temperature Resistance: B

Which is Better?

As someone who has been driving for years, we would go for Cooper tires as not only the statistics say everything, they are also generally last longer and they feel smoother on the road. We are highly confident with Cooper tires. However, keep in mind that they are not as good as Goodyear, Michelin and Bridgestone. Though that is the case, we could assure you that you would get great value for your money with Cooper tires. Let us know what you think.

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