Best Winch Hooks

Each part of a winch is equally important to the whole winch itself. In fact, one of the most important things in a winch is its chain as each part of a winch is a link in the chain such as but not limited to the motor, rope and winch hook.

Best Winch Hooks

WARN 92090 Epic Steel Winch Hook

This winch hook is considered by many as one of the best. It comes with a weight of 2.86 pounds which could handle as about 6 tons or 12000 lbs. load. Since WARN is a well-known and reliable brand, you could not expect less with this winch hook. In fact, it comes with extraordinary resistance against damage such as abrasion and wear. Moreover, it is actually coated in 12 stages which makes it look great. It is very versatile and could be used with numerous different winch lines. It is light weight and smooth surface. It is very durable as well.


  • Light
  • Very strong
  • Durable
  • Smooth surface


  • It is a bit pricey

Driver Recovery Clevis Slip Hook with Latch

If you are looking for a heavy duty winch hook, then, this one is perfect for you. Though the brand of this winch hook is not as popular as the previous one in this article, it is a great option. It is very sturdy and as mentioned earlier very heavy duty. It is durable as well and comes with impressive resistance against corrosion due to its electro-galvanized surface. It also comes with a wider throat which makes a lot of winch users love this one.


  • Very affordable
  • Electro-galvanized highly durable moisture related corrosion
  • Wide throat


  • Installation could be tricky

KFI ATV Winch Cable Hook

This winch cable hook is perfect to be used with ATV winches. It is very light and affordable. It also does not hold a lot of kinetic energy after spooling unlike other cable hooks. It comes with a feature of wear resistance and the hook itself has a wide loop which could accommodate a number of straps. If you are on a tight budget, this cable hook might not be so great option for you as it is a bit on the expensive side.


  • Wide loop
  • Light


  • Not very heavy duty

Three Ways to Secure a Winch Line

There are three ways to secure a winch line – safety thimble, secure pin shackle and plain old hook.

The most common way to secure a winch line is through hook. In fact, it is most widely used option in securing a winch line. The reason behind this is because it is very easy to use. In fact, even a child could figure how to use it. It is very straight forward and you do not need any special tools for you to open it and close it.

There are two types of winch hooks – clevis hook and shackle hook. The clevis hook is very easy to identify as it is very familiar looking to everyone. It actually looks like the hook on pirates’ hands. However, it comes with a latch on. The shackle hook on the other hand is a u shaped type of hook.

What You Need from a Winch Hook

Sturdy Build

One of things you will have to look into when choosing a winch hook is it is very sturdy. It should have the capability to connect the winch line on an anchor point. This means, you will need to have to be very strong as it will have to handle the weight of the car. The material and rated strength are something you should be looking for when you are considering purchasing a winch hook.

Safe Latch

Another factor you have to look into is the mechanism. the latch of the hook must be very secure. Though it is impossible for you to test this one before you purchase it, but, we highly suggest that you test it before you start operating your winch.

Loop Size

Having a wide loop is very convenient loop as you could attach more straps to your winch hook which could provide you a better hook.

Smooth Insides

This factor is optional. Since you could buy and upgrade winch hooks, why not get all the possibilities you have and take full advantage of it. Having a smooth inside could be one of the perks you could have. This could lessen the friction as well.

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