Traveller 4500LB winch reviews

The 5 Best Traveller Winch Reviews 2022

No one would want to be struck or stranded at an off-road. However, when this happens, you must be prepared. To do this you must always have tools including a winch. Having a winch is very convenient especially when you travel as this could help you with any off-road problems. In this article, we shall provide you a review of the best traveler winch which you could choose from. Moreover, the list of products that we will feature in this article are manufactured by Tractor Supply.  

Though Tractor Supply is not a well-known brand, we shall feature their products here in this article as we find their winches very impressive.

Best Traveller Winches

Traveller 12000 lb Winch

Looking for a heavy duty winch? Then, we highly recommend the Traveller 12000 lb winch. It is powerful and it has the ability to tow jeeps, trucks, pick-ups and even snowplows. It comes with 3 HP series wound motor. It also has the ability to 12000 lb pulling capacity. Furthermore, it is equipped with 83.7 ft. steel cable and it comes with an automatic breaking system. It is easy to install.


Traveller 9000 lb Winch

This winch could pull up to a maximum of 9000 lbs. It is very heavy duty and performs well. It comes with a longer steel rope of 95 ft and it uses a wound motor. Furthermore, its roller fairlead could protect your wire and it comes with a feature of automatic braking mechanism which makes it easier to control.


Traveller 3500 lb Winch

This winch is perfect for pulling ATVs, boats and even snowplows. In fact, it could pull anything with weight 3500 lbs and below. You will not have to worry about this winch as it comes with galvanized aircraft cable and free spooling clutch. Moreover, it has an automatic braking action feature and handlebar mounted remote switch.


Traveller 2500 lb Winch

This winch is lightweight. Though that is the case, this winch has the ability to pull up to 2500 lbs. In fact, it could pull ATV, boats and snow plows. It comes with 46 ft galvanized aircraft cable and free spooling clutch and braking system which would help you control the winch easier.


Traveller 4500 lb Winch

This winch could be used on UTV, snowplows and boats. It has the capacity to pull up to 4500 lbs. It has a 1.3 HP motor and 47.6 ft aircraft cable which is galvanized. It comes with free spooling clutch, remote switch with handlebar mount and roller fairlead. Lastly, it also has an automatic braking system feature. This makes it easier to operate and to control. In fact, through these features, you could be assured of accuracy.



This concludes our article on the best traveler winch. We hope through our featured list above; we were able to help you make a sound decision on which winch would suit you the best. Let us know what you think and do not forget to leave a comment.

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