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Best Synthetic Rope for Winch

There are two types of rope that winches use – steel cable and synthetic rope. In this article, we shall focus on one of them which is the synthetic rope.

There are numerous synthetic ropes which are available in the industry. Choosing one could be very difficult and challenging and we understand that which is why through this article, we shall feature five of the best selling synthetic ropes. We shall review these products by focusing on several factors such as strength and durability. By having these information, it would be easier for you to consider and choose the best synthetic rope that would best suit your winch and your preference.

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of rope/cable for winch and back in the days, winch users would be using steel lines to tow huge loads. However, there are some difficulties in using steel lines. For example, it is actually challenging to roll back the cable onto the spool as steel is usually stiff and it could easily tangle. It could also get snagged and also wrap unevenly which to solve this, you would need stronger and consistent tension. Moreover, using steel cable could be dangerous if you are not careful as they have sharp edges that are exposed.

Nowadays, there is another alternative which could resolve the issues mentioned and that is a synthetic rope. Synthetic ropes are flexible which makes it easier to roll onto the spool. It does not need tension nor it does not easily get tangled. Hence, it would be safe to say that this type of rope is easier to work with. It is safer compared to steel cables as they do not have sharp edges. They are stronger as well.

Best Synthetic Ropes

Ranger UltraRanger Synthetic Winch Rope

Towing something really heavy in not so ideal situation could be very challenging. Though this is the case, the right equipment could make it easier and better. In fact, you could depend on Ultraranger’s UHMWPE Synthetic Winch Rope. It is very strong and durable which allows you to rely on it even with difficult situations. It is 50′ ling which could pull out heavy duty difficult towing jobs.

The rope is lightweight. It could float, torque free, strong, durable, easy to handle, kink resistant and rust free rope. It also comes with two protective sleeves which is at the pull end and on the drum. This feature actually prevents wear and tear. It is pre-stretched as well and heat treated. It is capped with tough, stainless steel tube thimble.


  • Double protective sleeves
  • Treated to limit and avoid stretching, fraying, UV and moisture damage
  • Floats on water


  • Too light

Ucreative Synthetic Winch Line Cable Rope

The Ucreative Synthetic Winch Line Cable Rope is offered in three colors – blue, yellow and orange. It is high-viz rope which is designed for serious job. It is very durable and it could resist UV and chemicals. It could reduce stretching and prevent rotation. It is lightweight and it has the ability to float. It is easy to handle and splice. It is 50′ long and could be used on professional job such as handling trucks, ATVs and boats.

This rope is thicker compared to other synthetic lines which could make the initial installation a bit more difficult than other synthetic ropes. Though that is the case, once you have installed it, you will be thankful to have this high vis line winch synthetic line rope.


  • Comes in three different colors
  • Easy to handle


  • Thicker rope material

US Made AMSTEEL Blue Winch Rope

This type of rope screams quality. It ensures strength and yet it ensures that it is within your budget. This rope is coated with special resin which protects it which in turn prevents fraying, rips, snags, kinks and tangles. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It has the ability to float on water and it comes with protective sleeve. This rope would provide you value for your money.


  • Allows you to order custom length
  • Coated with special resin


  • Low grade attachments

Offroading Gear Synthetic Winch Rope

As mentioned earlier, having the right equipment is very important as it could save you all the difficulties you could experience when you are in a difficult situation. One of the highly recommended winch rope is the off-roading gear synthetic winch rope. It is a fully customized kit which includes the rope, shackle and stopper.

The rope is made from UHMWPE. It is lightweight and stretch resistant. It is very strong as well. In fact, it is stronger than steel quality. This rope is easy to handle and it comes with protective sleeve. It is 95′ long which is very convenient. It is very heavy duty as well.

This rope could be used on SUVs Jeep, Truck, ATVs and boats. It is also perfect for those who are moving from steel cable to synthetic rope for the first time.


  • Long
  • Comes with custom built accessories


  • might not be very strong for huge projects

QH QH WURONG Synthetic Winch Rope

This synthetic rope comes with protective sleeve and UV and moisture resistant coating. They are easy to handle with its Polymer Fibre. They are stronger and safer to use. It is soft and allows you to wind it into tight package for easier storage. It is very flexible as well which might not suit for all types of tasks but it could be used for most jobs. Hence, if you need a stiffer rope, then, this rope might not suit you.


  • Could be folded compactly
  • Safer than steel


  • Too flexible for other types of jobs

Buyer’s Guide for Best Synthetic Rope

How often will the synthetic rope be used?

If you will be using the rope a lot of times, then, we highly suggest that you get something more durable and do not be scared to invest and splurge on it.

Will you be towing and what will you use to tow?

If you are towing smaller loads, then, you could use lower graded weight type of rope. However, if you are using your truck for larger tows, then you will have to have a rope that could handle maximum weight load. If you are towing anything that weight 7500 lb your rope should be slightly higher grade like 8000 lb.

What types of conditions will you be using synthetic rope in?

You will need to consider the conditions that you will be in when you would be using your winch. Will you be using it in water or in mud or out in the sun. Hence, you would have to ensure that you have a high visible rope when you are working in un-ideal conditions and situations.


How strong is synthetic rope?

Synthetic ropes are usually 15 times stronger than steel ropes which ensures advantage and flexibility.

How long will a synthetic rope last?

On average your synthetic rope could last for 10 years before you should replace the rope. Though this is the case, ensure that you frequently check your rope for any types of damages to ensure safety.

How do you properly maintain a synthetic rope?

Ensure that your rope is clean by putting it in a bucket with water and mild soap. Rinse the rope and gently open the braid slightly. This way the dirt and debris could be washed out.


Choosing and using the right tools are very important when working. This includes the correct rope for your winch. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which could help you make a sound decision in choosing the best synthetic rope that would best suit your winch, winching job and your preference.

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