Best Runva Winch

Winches are used for certain purposes such as pulling or letting out heavy things such as vehicles. Almost all of them offer wide range of functionalities and strength. They also come in different types and are powered differently – electricity, pneumatic pressure, internal combustion and hydraulic pressure. Though there are different types of winches, they all have the same purpose and that is, as mentioned earlier, is to pull things out. In this article, we shall provide a review and feature one of the best brands in the winch industry and that is Runva.

Best Runva Winch

Runva 11XP-S 12V 4×4 Off Road Winch

This winch model is a perfect partner of jeeps and trucks. It has 11,000 lb load capacity and it is considered as a 4×4 electric series of Runva. It is perfect for those who love going on off-road adventures. This winch runs on a powerful 6.5 HP motor. It comes with free spooling clutch and planetary gear system which has a gear ratio of 228:1. It offers a synthetic rope option and it has a hawse fairlead mechanism which allows you to free spool even on heavy load.

This winch comes with a wireless remote control as well. This means, you will be able to operate this winch at a safe distance. Moreover, this winch has an IP67 rating. This means, it is weather resistant which means, you could use it in any weather condition. Its 600Amp solenoid is also waterproof.


  • Has 11000 lb pulling power capacity
  • Neoprene coating
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Hawse fairlead mechanism
  • Free spooling clutch
  • Wireless remote
  • Automatic ratchet holding system
  • Override isolating swithc


  • Wireless remote control is affordable
  • Poor packaging
  • Instruction manual could be better.

Runva Hydraulic 10HX Winch

This winch comes with 10,000 lb loading capacity. It includes stainless steel cable which is about 20 m long and has an IP67 water resistance. This means, you could use this winch in any weather condition or situation you are in. This winch also has unique mode of operation. It is a hydraulic type of winch which means it operates through the help of fluid mechanics. In fact, its oil flow is 50 L/min and it comes with 50ml/r motor displacement.

This winch has free spooling clutch and it has a three-stage planetary gear system with gear ratio of 28:1. It also comes with an automatic screw cone braking system which provides you the ability to handle this machine easily while you are pulling heavy loads. Moreover, it also has a tow truck bracket mounting kit and 16,000 pounds pulley block as well .


  • 10,000 pound pulling hydraulic winch
  • Two-way directional function
  • IP67 resistance with usage of steel inside and out
  • Has an automatic screw cone braking systm
  • Low flow oil
  • Three stage planetary gear system
  • Comes with two truck bracket mounting kit and 16,000 pound pulley block


  • There is no remote control
  • There is a possibility of oil leaks
  • Hydraulic motor could be loud and noisy

Runva 9.5 Xs 9500 12V Recovery Winch

This winch is an electrical type of winch. It has 9500 lb load capacity and it is known as the rock crawler winch which is considered as one of the best recovery winches in the market. It could work both directions and it runs on a 12 V series wound motor with 4.6kW or 5.8 HP. It also comes with a synthetic rope which is made of Dyneema. The rope is 14 meters long with about 9 mm diameter.

This winch has three-stage planetary gear system with gear ratio of 230:1. It is waterproof as well which means you could use this machine in any type of weather condition. It also comes with free spooling clutch and has an automatic screw cone braking system. Moreover, it offers wireless remote option as well.


  • Waterproof
  • Rock crawler design
  • Heavy duty with tight internal water seals
  • Three stage planetary gear
  • Automatic screw cone braking system


  • Offers affordable remote control
  • Does not have fairlead mechanism
  • Length of rope is a bit shorter compared to other winches.

Runva 4500 lbs 12V Electric ATV/UTV Winch

This winch is great for All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV). It has 4500 lb loading capacity and it is a 12V electric type of winch. It is well-known for its power, performance, torque and ruggedness. It comes with free spooling and it has four-way fairlead mechanism. It comes with 15.8 meters galvanized steel cable. The only downside of this winch is that it does not allow you to switch the steel cable with a synthetic rope. Though that is the case, this winch could operate in both directions and it comes with automatic braking action. Its three stage planetary gear system comes with a gear ratio of 168:1.


  • Perfect for ATV and UTV
  • Four-way fairlead mechanism
  • 4500 pounds of pulling power
  • Permanent magnetic motor
  • Comes with accessories
  • Three stage planetary gear system


  • It is not entirely waterproof

Runva 2500 lbs 12V Electric ATV/UTV Winch

This winch comes with 2500 lb loading capacity. It is a 12V electric ATV and UTV winch. It operates with a permanent magnet motor with 2.6 HP power and its motor could draw up to 90 amps power wth 3.31 feet per minute line speed. This winch comes with 49 feet galvanized steel cable with a diameter of 3/16 inches. Unfortunately, this model does not allow for its steel cable to be replaced with a synthetic rope. Though that is the case, this winch comes with four-way fairlead mechanism. It also has an automatic braking action as well. This winch comes with accessories like pulley, 1/4 inch hook with strap, direct controller cables and base plate.


  • Four way fairlead mechanism
  • Permanent magnetic motor
  • 2500 pounds pulling power
  • Galvanized steel cable
  • Works in both directions
  • Controller with cables


  • It is not waterproof
  • It could be used only occasionally

About Runva Brand

The Runva Brand is based in Australia and has been in the winch industry for about two decades. They are well-known for producing quality and durable products. They are well-trusted and they are reliable as well. In fact, Runva’s products are manufactured with strict quality controls. They have garnered numerous certifications including ISO9001:2000, ROHS, TUV and many more. There products include ATV winches, 4×4 hydraulic and electric winches, compact winches, competition series, marine series and industrial series.


We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which you could use as a guide in choosing the best Runva winch that would best suit your needs and preference.

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