Best Keeper Winch Reviews

There are a lot of factors that you would need to consider when you are purchasing a winch. In our case, the factors that we would look for in a winch are performance, weight capacity, price, durability and use. Those these factors could serve you as a guide, it is still difficult to decide which brands you would consider. We understand your dilemma which is why through this site, we provide you with different reviews of different winch brands and this article is not an exception. Through this article, we shall feature one of the best brands, Keeper.

About the Brand Keeper

Keeper has been in the industry for about 36 years and counting. They offer top-notch products including but not limited to different cargo control products, truck and trailer accessories, tie-downs, electric winches, bungee, towing security products and many more.

They also offer different types of winches in different weight capacities for recovering different vehicles such as trucks, UTV/ATV, Jeep, tractor and other utilities.

Best Keep Winches

Keeper KW17122-1 17500 lb Winch

This winch is considered very robust and it offers industrial grade performance which could handle heavy-duty jobs. Its price is very affordable and has a capacity of 17500 lbs. This winch could pull anything that comes with a weight of 11666 lbs and below. It comes with a steel cable which could go through high-quality roller fairlead.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with wireless remote control and handheld wired remote control
  • Galvanized wire rope
  • Easy to use
  • Free spooling clutch
  • Integrated sealed solenoid
  • Automatic full load holding brake
  • Comes with mounting bolts


  • Heavy
  • A bit slow

Keeper KW13122-1 13500 Winch

This winch is designed specifically for professional users. It comes with the ability to pull trucks and big tractors. It has a weight capacity of 13500 lbs which means you will be able to pull anything that comes with a weight of 9000 lbs and below. Its remote control has LED light which will definitely help you when you are in a situation at night. It also has the ability to work up to 100′ distance. It is equipped with integrated solenoid as well.


  • 92′ galvanized steel cable
  • Steel cable does not bunch up
  • Wireless remote and handheld wired switch
  • Lift and turn free spooling clutch
  • Three-stage planetary gear
  • Automatic load-holding brake
  • Affordable
  • Comes with molting bolts


  • Mounting plate is not included

Keeper KW75122RM-1 7500 lbs Winch

This winch is considered as one of the most efficient and portable winches. It comes with a capacity of 7500 lbs. This means, it could pull anything that weighs 5000 lbs and below. It is easy to use and it comes with automatic load holding brake, three stage planetary gear and lift and turn free spooling clutch.


  • Compact
  • Light
  • Portable
  • 2-inches receiver bar and mounting plate are included
  • Easy to install
  • Equipped with quick connect battery leads
  • Comes with heavy-duty 72′ galvanized steel cable
  • Wireless remote control and wired handheld remote with LED light


  • Battery life could be longer

Keeper KU3.5S 3500 lbs Winch

This winch is lightweight and it could be used for pulling or recovering your car trailer, utility trailer, UTV/ATV and the like. It comes with the ability to handle 3500 lbs and it could be used on anything that weighs 2333 lbs and below. It includes a synthetic rope wth galvanized steel cable which would go through a roller fairead.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Comes with heavy duty mounting plate
  • Cam activated free spool clutch
  • Three stage planetary gear
  • Automatic full load holding brake
  • Comes with integrated sealed solenoid switching


  • Does not come with wireless remote control

Keeper KAC1500 lbs Winch

This winch is very handy. It could be used in your garage, shop or workshop. It has the ability to tow anything that weighs about 1500 lbs and below. It works on 12 V AC and 3 prong plug with 8′ lead.


  • Includes mounting place
  • Portable
  • Offers 42′ heavy duty galvanized steel cable
  • Hand-held wired remote control


  • Price could be improved

Final Word

We hope that through this article you are able to get useful information. If you are look for a winch, this brand is highly recommended.

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