Best Gas Powered Capstan Winch

One of the purposes of a winch is being able to pull a log in the forest and if you are into hunting and walking into the woods, then, we suggest for you to have a gas powered capstan winch. However, if you are looking for one, we understand how difficult it is to choose one that would best suit your needs, expectations and preference. Do not worry as through this article, we shall feature some of the best gas powered capstan winch.

Best Gas Powered Capstan Winch

PCW-5000 Gas- Powered Capstan Winch

The PCW- 5000 Gas is manufactured by a famous and popular company who is well-known for producing high quality winches. The PCW-5000 is one of the top quality powered winches and It has the ability to pull up to 2200 lbs which could be doubled up to a capacity of 4400 pounds. Moreover, this winch could be used for industrial, hunting, forestry. It is easy to operate and it has the ability to work heavy duty jobs. It has the ability to produce more power and speed.


  • Multi-purpose winch
  • Straightforward to start and use
  • Ideal for moving heavy objects
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Could withstand huge jobs
  • Easy to anchor
  • No external power source


  • Made of aluminum

PCW5000 MK Gas Powered Capstan Winch

This winch is similar to the PCW5000 Gas powered capstan winch. It comes with the same 2200 lbs weight capacity. The only difference between the first winch and this one is that MK means it is for multi purpose kit.

Here are some of the accessories that you would need with the PCW5000 model:

  • PCW5000: 1 Gas-powered capstan winch – 2200 lbs weight capacity
  • PCA-0340: 1 Padded waterproof case with removable rollers/casters a folding handle.
  • PCA-1100: 1 Capstan drum
  • PCA-1213M: 1 DBP rope
  • PCA-1256: 1 Rope bag (medium) with shoulder strap
  • PCA-1259: 1 Polyester sling
  • PCA-1261: 1 Hitch plate winch anchor
  • PCA-1274: 1 Stainless steel swing side snatch block
  • PCA-1276: 2 Steel oval locking carabiner
  • PCA-1281: 1 Safety hook with latch
  • PCA-1282: 1 Grab hook
  • PCA-1295: 1 Choker chain

As you might have noticed, this model does not have much something new compared to its older version. Furthermore, it is highly suggested for you to get a waterproof case. This way you could easily transported.


PCW5000 HK Gas Powered Capstan Winch Hunting Kit

This version and model is similar to PCW5000-MK. This version is offered with a combination of PCW5000 winch plus the necessary kits for hunting. Yes, you got that right. This winch is designed specifically for hunting. It comes with two swing side pulleys and it has triple power.

This model comes with the following accessories:

  • PCW5000: 2200 lbs weight capacity gas-powered capstan winch.
  • PCA-0100: 1 Waterproof transport case to accommodate all the accessories, including the winch.
  • PCA-1213M: 1 Double braided polyester rope 12 mm x 100 m
  • PCA-1274: 2 stainless steel swing slide snatch blocks
  • PCA-1256: 1 nylon fabric rope bag with handle and shoulder strap (medium)
  • PCA-1261: 1 hitch plate winch anchor
  • PCA-1372: 1 durable but lightweight HPPE rope choker
  • PCA-1282: 1 grab hook
  • PCA-1281: 1 safety hook with a spring-loaded safety gate
  • PCA-1259: 2 polyester slings
  • PCA-1276: 4 zinc plated anodized aluminum steel oval locking carabiners with screw gate lock.
  • All the accessories are of high-quality and capable of standing firm against heavy loads.

PCW5000-FK Gas-Powered Capstan Winch Forestry Kit

Yes, that is correct, this version is perfect for those who are usually in the forest or woods. It is gas powered and it is very powerful. It is a kit which comes with handy accessories which could be used in dealing with logs and trees.

Accessories that are included in the PCW5000-FK-Gas-Powered Capstan Winch Forestry Kit:

  • PCW5000: 1 Gas-powered capstan winch – 2200 lbs.
  • PCA-1290: 1 multi-purpose skidding cone
  • PCA-1215M: 1 double braided polyester (DBP) durable and low-stretch rope ( 12 mm x 50 m )
  • PCA-1274: 1 stainless steel swing side snatch block
  • PCA-1295: 1 choker chain
  • PCA-1255: 1 nylon fabric rope bag with two handles
  • PCA-1259: 1 multi-purpose sling
  • PCA-1276: 2 zinc plated anodized aluminum steel oval locking carabiners
  • PCA-1282: 1 grab hook

This winch comes with a waterproof transport case.

PCW3000 Gas has the ability to pull up to 1550 lb of weight. It is light and compact which makes it easy to carry comfortably especially during hunting session. This version is considered as a 4-stroke Honda engine which makes it a powerful winch. This winch could be used in forest, hunting, snowmobiling, boating and many more.


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