Best Badland Winch Review

Being able to select the right winch is one of the most important things you will have to do especially when you are an avid off-roader. However, we do understand that choosing one is not an easy job and could sometimes be a real nightmare when you get a bad one.

One of the top brands for badland winches is the Harbor Freight. Not only it offers different models, it also ensures that it offers budget friendly price range. Though this brand is on the budget side and inexpensive, it does not mean that the quality suffers. In fact, there are a lot of users who have attested of their satisfaction with its performance. With that said, in this article, we shall provide you useful information and we shall feature the best winches that are manufactured by Harbor Freight. In our review of these products we shall provide you our insight of the pros and cons and if it is worth your money and value.

Best Badland Winches

Badland Industrial Tow Truck Electric Winch

The Badland Industrial Tow Truck Electric Winch is something you should get if you are looking for something that is really powerful. It is made for those who needs a winch for something as heavy as a truck or a jeep. In fact, this product has the capacity of 18000 lbs. Though its capacity is huge, we highly suggest to practice of using this up to a maximum of loaded weight of 15000 lbs or 10000 lbs. This way you could be assured that you are always safe. Remember when computing for the loaded weight, it is the combination of your vehicle’s weight and the weight of your belongings inside your vehicle.

Keep in mind, when using a winch, loaded weight means that the loaded weight is equal to the vehicle weight plus the weight of your belongings that are inside your vehicle. With this in mind, it is always better to keep your loaded weight 1.5 times less than the weight capacity of your winch.


  • Comes with coded remote
  • IP66 rated which means this winch is water resistant. Keep in mind, however, that the remote control is not water resistant.
  • 75 ft. high quality steel cable
  • Affordable especially for commercial rigging and towing trucks.
  • Remote could work up to 30 feet
  • Comes with relocatable solenoid box

Keep in mind that steel cables could cause serious injury when it breaks. Hence, to lessen the risk, we highly recommend for you to use a winch dampener blanket.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to mount
  • Very durabe
  • Good quality cable
  • Easy to control with its planetary gear, automatic load holding break and spooling clutch
  • IP66 rated


  • Does not come with a wireless remote

If you are looking for a winch which is within budget and is reliable to be used for commercial rigging and towing trucks, this winch is perfect for you.

Badland APEX Synthetic 12,000 lb Wireless Winch

This wireless winch is perfect to be used in towing vehicles which weighs 8000 and below. Since this winch is wireless, its remote control is definitely wireless as well. The remote control is included in its package. However, if you have lost your remote or you need to replace your wireless remote control, do no worry as you could replace them easily.

This winch when in used for towing, its cable would sling perfectly on its spool which is very convenient. It ensures that your winch operates smoothly.

If you are looking for value for your money, this winch is perfect for you. It comes with high quality, impressive performance and great price.


  • Not expensive
  • Comes with easy to understand manual
  • Easy to install, assemble and wiring
  • Comes with high quality 65 feet steel cable
  • Roller fairlead
  • 12 feet corded remote
  • Three- stage planetary gear with free spooling clutch
  • Automatic load holding brake
  • IP66 rated
  • Powerful motor
  • Relocatable solenoid box


  • Pulling operation could be a little bit slow
  • Cable length could be longer.

If this Badland winches are not available, you could try other similar brands such as X-bull Winches , Smittybilt Winches , Ant Winches , Keeper Winches , Engo Winches and Mile Marker Winches

Badland 9000 lb. Electric Winch with Automatic Brake

This winch model is surely for every man. It has the ability to accommodate up to 9000 lbs. of weight. However, for safety, we recommend this winch to be used within the 6000 lbs. mark.

This winch is comfortable and convenient to use especially when you use it with a wireless remote. Though if you wish to use its wired remote, it is good as well. This winch also comes with cable which ensures that it will not bunch up while you are pulling something.

If you are looking for a good electric winch, badland 9000 lb electric winch with automatic brake is perfect for you.


  • Strong
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful
  • Comes with high quality 12 feet corded remote
  • Offers automatic load-holding gear
  • Comes with relocatable solenoid boc
  • 65 feet steel cable
  • IP66 rated


  • Does not come with a wireless remote

Badland ZXR Weather Resistant Off- Road Vehicle Electric Winch

This winch could accommodate up to 12,000 lbs. However, to ensure safety, we recommend this model to be used up to a maximum of 8000 lbs. This winch does not have a wireless remote but it could be bought separately. Its cable aligns nicely on its spool which means you do not need to worry about issues when using it or during operation. If you are looking for something that is worth its value, this product is your best bet.


  • Not very expensive
  • Comes with easy to understand manual
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with high quality 65 feet steel cable
  • 12 feet corded remote
  • IP66 rated
  • Comes with relocatable solenoid box
  • Automatic load holding break


  • Pulling is slow
  • Wireless remote is sold separately

Badland 3500lb. Winch ATV and Utility Electric Winch

If you are on a budget, do not worry as the badland 3500lb. winches ATV & utility electric winch is your best bet. Though this winch is not that expensive, you could be assured of its optimum performance. It is also equipped with single-stage planetary gear. Moreover, this winch does not require too much power and it is IP67 rated. This means that your winch is protected from water and could be immersed in water up to 3 feet. This feature is impressive and very convenient especially when you get stuck in mud or in rain.


  • It is light
  • It is compact
  • Affordable
  • Comes with every required wire
  • Offers free spooling clutch
  • Comes with automatic load- holding break
  • IP67 rated
  • Comes with 50 feet steel cable


  • Does not come with wireless remote
  • Synthetic rope is more preferred by many

Badland ATV and Utility Electric Winch with Wireless Remote Control

This winch could handle weight which is below 2500 lb. However, we highly suggest to have a maximum of gross weight of 1666 lbs. This winch comes with a wireless remote control which works up to 20 feet range. This provides you a safe distance while operating your winch.

This winch works with synthetic rope which is lighter compared to a steel cable. It is safer as well and it floats on water. It does not cause any serious injury in case it breaks. If you wish to learn the difference between steel cable and synthetic rope, check our article, Synthetic Rope vs Steel Cable Which One Is Better?

If you are looking for towing ATV, this product is perfect for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Worth its value
  • Comes with wireless remote
  • Comes with memory timer
  • Free spooling clutch and automatic load-holding break


  • Remote could have been better

Badland Electric Winch 1500lb

This winch has the ability to pull up to 1500 lbs horizontally. It is high quality and it has high performance. It also has heavy duty 35 feet steel cable. As for the price, this winch is on the pricey side. Though that is the case, it is very powerful and could pull up anything horizontally like motorcycle or a boat.


  • Could pull up to 1500lb horizontally
  • Has 2 stage planetary gearing
  • It could protect you from experiencing thermal overload


  • The remote control is not convenient to use

If you are looking for an alternative winch that has the same or similar power, we suggest for you to check out Ironton Electric Utility Winch or WARN Utility Winch


Is Badland Winch good?

It is very durable and yet comes with a fair price which makes it a very good option.

Where are harbor freight badland winches made?

Badland winches are made in China just like most products.

Are Harbor Freight Badland winches waterproof?

Most of the model are waterproof. However, this depends on the model.

How many amps does a winch pull?

Mostly at 300 amps.

What size winch do I need?

You would need one that has 1.5 times the capacity of your loaded vehicle weight. If your vehicle weight is 5000 lbs, you will need one that has a minimum of 7500 lbs capacity to safely pull. Remember, loaded vehicle = vehicle weight + baggage’s weight.


Badland is a popular and very reliable winch brands, though there are pros and cons, their products would provide you value for your money. They are worth investing on and they ensure safety while you go on traveling with your vehicle. The only downside of the Badland brand is that they come in high, expensive prices. If you wish to find something with the same quality and have other price options, we recommend for you to check other high quality winch brands. However, if you wish to invest on a reliable winch, Badland Winch Brand is one of the best ways to go.

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