Badland 2500 Winch Mounting Plate

A winch comes with functional and important parts. Learning each part and what their purpose is very important especially whenever you experience issues. One of the most fundamental parts that you must have knowledge on is the mounting plate. It is, in fact the foundation of your winch. This means it has to be very tough, durable and stable.

In this article, we shall be featuring and examining mounting plates which you could use to provide support for your Badland 2500 lb winch.

Badland 2500 Winch Mounting Plate

KFI Products 101285 Winch Mount

KFI is considered as one of the best brands that offer winch accessories. They are highly reliable and so are their products. Their mounting plates are not an exception. They are made in high quality materials and are highly recommended. It is made of 3/16 inch thick steel and it is protected from corrosion and rusting with its powder coated.

The 101285 is perfect for UTV and ATV which means, it could handle and work for Badland 2500 lb winch. Moreover, what is amazing about this product is it comes with easy to follow installation manual.

This mounting plate could be used in different winch models including Badland 2500 winch. It is durable, easy to install and stable.


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Could fit many winch models


  • You would need to get different fairlead to make it work.

KFI 10-2175 Winch Mounting Plate

This mounting plate is similar to the first one on our list. It comes with similar features but the only difference is how it looks. This means, it could affect how it fits. The only problem with this mounting plate is that it is a bit short. Though that is the case, it could easily be fixed. Aside from it being short, this mounting plate would have been better if it came with bolts that are of perfect size which would make it easier to install the mounting plate.


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Compact


  • Included bolts could be a little short

KFI products are highly recommended and perfect for Badland 2500 winch. They are durable, tough and stable foundation. Moreover, what is more amazing about their products is that even if your winch is not Badland, you could still use their winch mounting plates as they are compatible with a lot of winches.

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